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    Just a few from new jedi order please!

    Hasbro i was impressed that you made great characters such as Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn. I loved them. Please recognize the grand thing that is the New Jedi Order. This new york times bestselling series has a multitude of great characters. But all i want is Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo, and Anakin Solo in their prime as Jedi Knights and Tsavong La Warmaster and a Yuuzhan Vong warrior. This would be one of my oldest wishes granted and many other star wars fans.
    I want Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo New Jedi Order Figures!

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    More EU figures please.I hate to say this,since I am a opponent of exclusives,but even if they just were made available through the FC Website,it would be great.Vong,Solos,some aliens,all would nice.
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    I have loved this whole series. I've had to put it on hold ofr a few issues but I would love to see figures of these. Please.

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    I have just started reading Eu novels and have gotten 3 NJO books. As I am reading I would love to see these figures. Please Hasbro enlighten us with these figures
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    We need Borsk! Bothan representation!
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    I fully agree, a few more figures from EU would be good. After all, if you can make Djas Puhr, a Vong Warrior would surely sell like hot cakes.


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