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    Should the US gov't have asked Geraldo to leave Iraq?

    IMO yes. I mean come on, it doesn't matter where you stand on the political issues to see the guy gave out the location and movements of troops he was with thus endangering their mission and their lives - what a tool! And then he goes on later that day to insult his former employers at NBC for what he felt was MSNBC spreading lies about him being told to leave... even though it was totally true. What an oaf! Geraldo Rivera has never been a monument to high-quality journalism, but seems pretty low even for him. Apparently, Fox News (Geraldo's current employer) has arranged it so Geraldo will leave Iraq voluntarily instead of being kicked out by the US gov't, pretty generous if you ask me. To be "fair and balanced" though, he shouldn't have been given this much information anyway... let's face it, most of us wouldn't trust him with the location of our hide-a-keys, much less vital battle plans.
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    Agreed, but I thought there wasn't any political discussions allowed. I know it's really not political from a certain point of view Last but not least I only have one thing to say about this clown, what a joker!

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    Giving away locations and positions deserves for you to be kicked out. I am glad they did kick him out.He definitely deserved it.
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    that jerk should be condemned to a life of eternal nose-breakings! over and over and over, until he bleeds out.

    I really hope our Gov't charges him with SOMETHING! And if they can't find anything legit, just make something up.
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    I'm still holding a grudge for the "Al Capone's Vault" special, during which I wasted precious time from my childhood.

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    Yes I remember that special Caesar, I was a little upset that I watched that one.
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    To answer your question, yes, because I think Geraldo is a !@#$%@#.

    Now one of my own, if we can talk about this, can we also talk about that amazing POW rescue? I don't think it's political to say that that 19 year old girl has more guts than this 25 year old man. And the Iraqi that helped rescue her. Quite a story, I have a good link to the story if anyone's interested. LMK.

    Ok, sorry, back to topic. What is up with journalists? Esp. Arnett?
    Geraldo has always been a dumbass, saying he was going to shoot bin Laden, and yesterday I saw him on the news in his little soldier uniform. If the guy wants to see action so bad, why don't he join up and grab a rifle?
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    The thing to understand about Heraldo is that it is more important for him to know that you know that he knows.


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    Who saw the bit on The Daily Show parodying this, with Stephen Colbert (sp?) drawing a diagram in the sand of Geraldo inserting his head into. . . use your imagination?
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    Originally posted by Caesar
    I'm still holding a grudge for the "Al Capone's Vault" special, during which I wasted precious time from my childhood.
    Oh my goodness, I completely forgot about that show.

    I always wondered if they already knew that there was nothing in it?

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