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    Graham Norton in the US

    Graham Norton has been the New York all week doing special shows for the US audience. Has anybody in the US been watching it? What do you guys think? And has his adult humor been scaled down for TV over there?

    His shows have been shown here in the UK too, they're just the same has his UK shows but it's great to see American reactions to his humor .

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    Sadly never heard of the guy or seen an add for his shows...

    Then again it could be because I'm in the midwest and it take a while for stuff on the coasts to move it way inland.

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    I've only seen bits of his show in the past on BBC America. His show on around 11 PM on the east coast. Since it is on cable/dish, I don't think it scaled back too much.
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    The US shows seemed really tame in comparison to the British ones. The audience were just so reserved and so far away from him, whereas the UK show is really intimate and the audience tends to go for it. The guests seemed really dull too. Frankly I think the show is past it's sell by date. Plus it's not that hard to see that graham just wants to move to NYC. If you guys get to see this week of US shows watch how Graham starts picking up the accent over the week. By the last show he sounds like he's been living in NYC for a year not a week.

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    I never heard of him here. I have watched Trigger Happy Tv and don't thinkit is all that funny. One show I love from the UK is Absolutley Fabulous.
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