IMO yes. I mean come on, it doesn't matter where you stand on the political issues to see the guy gave out the location and movements of troops he was with thus endangering their mission and their lives - what a tool! And then he goes on later that day to insult his former employers at NBC for what he felt was MSNBC spreading lies about him being told to leave... even though it was totally true. What an oaf! Geraldo Rivera has never been a monument to high-quality journalism, but seems pretty low even for him. Apparently, Fox News (Geraldo's current employer) has arranged it so Geraldo will leave Iraq voluntarily instead of being kicked out by the US gov't, pretty generous if you ask me. To be "fair and balanced" though, he shouldn't have been given this much information anyway... let's face it, most of us wouldn't trust him with the location of our hide-a-keys, much less vital battle plans.