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    Oil industry suppressed plans for 200-mpg car

    March 31, 2003

    Oil industry suppressed plans for 200-mpg car
    By Simon de Bruxelles

    THE original blueprints for a device that could have revolutionised the motor car have been discovered in the secret compartment of a tool box.
    A carburettor that would allow a car to travel 200 miles on a gallon of fuel caused oil stocks to crash when it was announced by its Canadian inventor Charles Nelson Pogue in the 1930s.

    But the carburettor was never produced and, mysteriously, Pogue went overnight from impoverished inventor to the manager of a successful factory making oil filters for the motor industry. Ever since, suspicion has lingered that oil companies and car manufacturers colluded to bury Pogue’s invention.

    Now a retired Cornish mechanic has enlisted the help of the University of Plymouth to rebuild Pogue’s revolutionary carburettor, known as the Winnipeg, from blueprints he found hidden beneath a sheet of plywood in the box.

    The controversial plans once caused panic among oil companies and rocked the Toronto Stock Exchange when tests carried out on the carburettor in the 1930s proved that it worked.

    Patrick Davies, 72, from St Austell, had owned the tool box for 40 years but only recently decided to clean it out. As well as drawings of the carburettor, the envelope contained two pages of plans, three test reports and six pages of notes written by Pogue.

    They included a report of a test that Pogue had done on his lawnmower, which showed that he had managed to make the engine run for seven days on a quart (just under a litre) of petrol.

    The documents also described how the machine worked by turning petrol into a vapour before it entered the cylinder chamber, reducing the amount of fuel needed for combustion.

    Mr Davies has had the patent number on the plans authenticated, proving that they are genuine documents.

    He said: “I couldn’t believe what I saw. I used to be a motor mechanic and I knew this was something else altogether. I was given the tool box by a friend after I helped to paint her house in 1964. Her husband had spent a lot of time in Canada.”

    The announcement of Pogue’s invention caused enormous excitement in the American motor industry in 1933, when he drove 200 miles on one gallon of fuel in a Ford V8. However, the Winnipeg was never manufactured commercially and after 1936 it disappeared altogether amid allegations of a political cover-up.

    Dr Murray Bell, of the University of Plymouth’s department of mechanical and marine engineering, said he would consider trying to build a model of the Pogue carburettor.

    Engineers who have tried in the past to build a carburettor using Pogue’s theories have found the results less than satisfactory. Charles Friend, of Canada’s National Research Council, told Marketplace, a consumer affairs programme: “You can get fantastic mileage if you’re prepared to de-rate the vehicle to a point where, for example, it might take you ten minutes to accelerate from 0 to 30 miles an hour.”


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    I have SO much to say about the oil/automobile industry that I can't even begin!

    I know that doesn't help at all.

    If this is genuine and if it would work in automobiles today, and by that I mean, the same speeds, horsepower, basically not much change except more mileage (because otherwise there'd be an uproar) etc. then I'd be the first in line to try it!

    It will be interesting to see what comes about because something's gotta give soon. The oil/automobile industry reminds me of a festering, puss-ridden sore that's built up so much pressure that the slightest bump will make it explode and dry up and that's why we can't put ointment on it (new carb) because they know this to be true and then they'd lose all their stinkin billions and trillions of dollars - the 1% that is!!!

    Ok, I gotta stop or I'll go on forever and probably get myself banned, which I wouldn't blame anyone for, because let me tell ya, I can GO ON about this subject!
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    That's pretty interesting ... I've heard stories like it before and I'm not surprised at all. I do question the realities behind getting a 1930s v8 engine to get anywhere near 200 mpg. (Perhaps 20 mpg with a little luck.)

    "The documents also described how the machine worked by turning petrol into a vapour before it entered the cylinder chamber, reducing the amount of fuel needed for combustion."

    That's really what your average carburetor does anyway ... in the case of an older v8, you're needing to deal with a number of other issues that would lower its performance (bad compression, funky ignition.)

    The guys "lawnmower test" is pretty cool. I used to build older Vespas and a well tuned bike could run at 100 mpg. Those are 125 to 200 cc ... bigger than a mower and carry a load ... so I could see his test being real.

    I suppose at this point it doesn't matter anymore what the oil industry has or will do ... the auto industry (US included for once) is starting to see the writing on the wall and look for new options. Once it finally becomes "patriotic" to care about the kind of mileage that your car gets ... perhaps we'll see fewer Hummers in civilian hands and a few more hybrids, EVs or (cross your fingers) someday fuel cell vehicles.

    In the meantime ... I'll be trying to get perhaps 8 mpg or more from my own 40 year old v8.

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    Me too, but I give up as it only gives me angst Not just oil industry but also look into Tesla


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    If it makes you angry, DO something about it. Complaining does NOTHING.
    "Whatever you do, take care of your shoes."

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    where did you find this article? is the journalist and site credible, or is he of the "art bell, everything's a conspiracy, we blew up the world trade centers" variety?

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    I don't believe it for a second. Oil companies and the political figures that they are tied to have never been anything but forthcoming with us. Now, pardon me as I get into my S.U.V. and drive a block for some Cheetos.
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    Originally posted by Fulit
    I don't believe it for a second. Oil companies and the political figures that they are tied to have never been anything but forthcoming with us. Now, pardon me as I get into my S.U.V. and drive a block for some Cheetos.
    HI - Larious!!

    This shouldn't really come as a shock, as this seemed to happen often with revolutionary inventions during the earlier parts of the industrial revolution. Someone mentioned Tesla, who edison did everything he could to destroy. There is also the example of the Avro Arrow, destroyed by worried aerospace companies. They say to this day it still could out perform modern fighter jets...

    I'm sure some day we'll discover the shelved blue prints for a car that runs on water

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    for the most part... I know people who have SUVs who now think they S-U-C-K because of the gas prices. I just have to laugh... sorry. But, I really do... $55 for a fill-up each week??? That's nonsense.

    Well... if it exists... bring it on!!
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    Only takes $30 for a fillup, but then again, I am in GA, who has the cheapest gas prices in the country.

    If they release a car with better feul burning capabilities, then I will buy it. Water, pee, sand, doesn't matter what it runs on. If they build it, I will come.

    I am currently trying to build a car that is feuled by the bad acting performance of Hayden in AOTC. There is more un-tapped energy there than anywhere else I have seen in the world.
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