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    Who is your favourite EPI Character?

    Mine will be Mace Windu.

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    if they ever make him, that Rodian in the blue jumpsuit cheering for Anakin at the podraces. He's cooly-cool...
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    Its alright, it need not be an AF. Any character in the EPI movie you think is real cool and if its not an AF already, then maybe we can post a thread in the "Hasbro" section to get it made

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    the master jedi
    My overall favorite character from any of the star wars movies isYoda.

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    Watto and Sebulba were both really cool.

    But I really want Jabba's Klatooinian bodyguard, and while they're at it, Jabba too.
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    My favourite character in E1 is the arm waving Wookie senator.
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    Mine is Padme. Only for reasons of looks however. Qui-gon and Mace are cool too.

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    Since I really like Liam Neeson, my favorite is probably Qui-Gon.

    That Rodian is hilarious! I hope that if they ever sculpt him, he's allowed excellent arm articulation.

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    Plo Koon. He became my favorite when I read about some of his cool Force powers in the Jedi Force File.

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    I know that a lot of folk go spare when you start saying you love background characters more than the main ones, but I love the background characters more than the main ones. My favourite EP1 character has to be pod racer Teemto Pagalies. I just love the way he looks so much like Spike the dog from Tom and Jerry. I really hope he makes it into 3¾ scale. There's just something about the way he looks so dumb that appeals to me. he's like the dog that jumps up at the postman or the dog that chases cars. or the dog that tries to bite it's own reflection in the mirror. SOOOOO dumb!

    I also like big fatty Twi'Lek Orn Free Taa. He's in the new movie so we should get a figure out of him and some decent character portrayal. instead of the usual cough and a spit appearance the coolest characters only ever get.


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