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    Deluxe Figure Variations

    Does anyone out there know how difficult it is to find the original cardback variations (the ones without the "poses may require hand support" warning) for the Deluxe Maul and Luke Bacta figures? The picture archive has comparison photos of both cards, but precious little info about them. Did they enter into general release? Has anyone been able to locate these at retail stores (or through some other venue)?

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    The cards without the "poses may require hand support" could just be prototype cards and were not produced at all.
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    I hope this won't be a big issue, I have the first edition of each card without that writing and I opened 'em both (and I REALLY regret opening that Maul). I got 'em both at KB toys really early when they came out... like a week ago.
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    I got my DM on Tuesday and there were a ton of 0400 cards and a few 0100. Whether there were less 0100 due to packing or collectors getting those first is a question for hasbro to answer.

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    Actual and not proto

    Jedi Learner, those comparison pics Thrawn has up are mine and I found them at WalMart in Colorado. I probably saw about four each of those first cards of the Maul and Luke, so they are not "rare" at the moment........ I didn't notice any difference in the figures, just on the back of the card dealing with the TM and the added phrase you have already mentioned. Variations
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