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    Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses

    So...I was searching Kazaa last night for..stuff.....and I saw a commercial for the new Rob Zombie House of 1000 Corpses movie. So, I typed 1000 Corpses into the search field, and guess what?? The whole freakin' movie was on there. So naturally, being the curious guy that I am (my friends call me Whiskers), I downloaded it...just to see if it was INDEED what the file name proclaimed. was. Needless to say I was shocked and in awe, so I grabbed a diet mountain dew from the fridge, a couple of StarCrunch (OK....FIVE) from the cupboard, and proceded to watch Mr. Zombie's much heard about, but forever in limbo film project.

    Let me start by saying, I wasn't expecting much. I figured, the guy has decent music (alot of it sounds like the same song), but what the hay, he could make a good movie, right?

    The story in a nutshell, 4 college age kids are driving cross country looking for roadside points of interest, and write a book about them. What they find is a house full of psychos, that love Halloween, and have a hankerin' for torturing passers-by.

    Visually, it's similar to Rob's music videos. Lots of bizarre images thrown in the middle of scenes, wacky nude girls dancing around, and washed out images, showing acts of gore.

    The grossout factor isn't as bad as I would've expected, since it's gone through 3-4 studios not willing to release it because of gore and dialogue. Sure, it has some nasty choppings and slicings, but nothing like the old Italian Giallo films by Bava* or Argento*

    *For those who don't know these 2 names, but you are a horror fan, check them out. Not your typical Hollywood horror directors.

    The acting was kinda...weird. The nutty people were nutty, that's for sure. The college kids spouted typical horror film jargon in sarcastic annoying voices. The supporting characters (Cops, Dad) did good jobs delivering their lines.

    It was sorta scary. No real "jump out of your seat" scares, though.

    I don't want to give anything I won't.

    If you were thinking about going to see House of 1000 Corpses...go see it, it is good. If you weren't thinking of going to see it....go see it, it's good.

    I just hope the DVD has some of the "disturbing" footage that obviously didn't make this cut.

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    Thanks for the review!! I've been waiting for that movie since i began seeing teasers for it last year, and i got irked hearing about it's release problems. I hear it's getting a limited release this month, so i hope it comes to my town. Glad it was good. Cheers!!
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    I am a HUGE Rob Zombie fan, and have been DYING(hehe) to see this flick since I first heard about it. Nice review by the way I'm thinking about downloading it now, but I think I'll leave my first viewing for the big screen
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    Really, I want to see this movie. I am off to Kazaa.
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    I'll save my $6 and see the craptacular House of the Dead instead.
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    Go here if you want to see the list of theaters that will be playing House of 1000 Corpses
    I may go see this movie now, since it's playing at the AMC theater right by the Ohio State campus. May my $6 be worthy of this movie...or is it may this movie be worthy of my $6?
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    I am curious to see the flick but I have the soundtrack and I know that I at least love that part of the project !

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    I hope that when the DVD comes out, the original NC-17 version is included as well as the theatrical release.
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    heard an interview with spider today (rob's bro.) and he sounded a little peeved that he wasn't offered a cameo or chance to die in the flick. did mention that premiere is next week.

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    Spider is 1/100th the musical artist Rob is - so why should he get a scene in Rob's movie ? ? ?


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