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    Thumbs down Kooky Weather In Iowa!!!!

    I know I have been on a Iowa thread kick here lately but it is not intentional.

    The weather here over the beggining of this year has been really strange.
    Back in Jan. and Feb. we would have -8 degrees one day and then it would go back up to like 50 then back below zero.


    On like the 2nd of April 2003 we broke a record in a hundred years it got up to like 87 degrees in Des Moines I had the AC on!!!

    NOW!!! It is like 32 degrees on April 6th 2003 and we have a blizzard WHAT IS UP WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Same junk here in Ohio. You'd swear it was January.
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    Yeah, no more college girls in skimpy clothes this past weekend.
    Back and more bearded than ever before

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    Anyone from Oklahoma will agree with me on this, but thats nothing . There is a saying around here, "Well thats Oklahoma weather for ya".

    It can change sooo fast around here, and all year round sometimes.
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    We here in Illinois are under a Winter Storm Warning, isn't spring supposed to be here soon?
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    I thought the Oklahoma motto was "Don't drive into the smoke" ?
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    You yanks need to head up to the frozen north and see what real cold weather is all about

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    Come visit Seattle. Only place I now that has "Rain, followed by showers, followed by more rain."

    A few years back we had something like 96 days of straight rain. At least it keeps the streets nice and clean!
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    I think that system made its way to Delaware. I went into work this a.m. and it felt to warm to snow. When I came out at 9a it was a blizzard!
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    Originally posted by The Overlord Returns
    You yanks need to head up to the frozen north and see what real cold weather is all about
    i full-heartedly agree!! hehee


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