I am getting out of collecting the 3.75" Star Wars figures and vehicles. I am looking to either sell them off, or trade for the following LEGO sets (they can be loose, as long as they are complete w/ instructions):

4478 Geonosian Fighter
4479 TIE Bomber (x2)
4480 Jabba's Palace
7115 Gungan Patrol (a few)
7124 Flash Speeder
7126 Battle Droid Carrier
7186 Watto's Junkyard ***
7201 Final Duel II (a few)
**Also, I would trade for the X-Wing, A-Wing, Y-Wing, B-Wing, TIE fighter, or any other "Classic" sets**

I have tons of loose Potf2 figures and vehicles to trade (even hard-to-find ones!). Here are a few examples (and I do mean a FEW) of the figures and vehicles I have (they are all Potf2, loose, mint, and COMPLETE):

Aunt Beru
Captain Piett
AT-ST Drivers (x4)
Rebel Fleet Troopers (x10)
Tusken Raider (Potf2) (x2)
Ugnaughts (x3)
Stormtroopers (Potf2) (x12)
Snowtroopers (x10)
Death Star Gunner (x2)
Yoda w/ Real Hair
Cantina Band Member (x4)
Kabe & Muftak
Death Star Droid
Hoth Rebel Soldier (x6)
Jawa w/ Gonk (x5)
Sandtrooper (Potf2) (x9)
Sandtrooper (from Diorama) (x3)
Deluxe Probe Droid (x3)

____Cinema Scenes & Playsets____
Purchase Of the Droids
Jabbas Skiff Guards
Final Jedi Duel
Cantina Showdown
Rebel Pilots
Cantina Aliens
Detention Block Rescue (x2)
Death Star Chasm
Endor Attack Playset
Hoth Battle Playset

Millenium Falcon
At-St (x3)
A-Wing (x5)
Bantha w/ Tusken Raider (x2)
Snowspeeder (x3)
X-Wing (x3)
Vaders TIE
Landspeeder (x2)
Slave I (Boba Fetts)
TIE Fighter
Speederbike w/ Leia
Speederbike w/ Luke
Speederbike w/ Scout Trooper (x3)
Swoop w/ Trooper

Plus a WHOLE LOT more (I have over 350 figures )! So let me know if there is anything in particular you are looking for, and I'll let you know if I have it (I have too many things and not enough time to post everything I have). And yes, I can provide pictures...

I also have some MOC/MIMB items too:

OC Han Solo Hoth
GC Boba Fett
GC Weequay Skiff Guard
FF Luke Bespin (x2)
FF Biggs
FF General Lando
FF Luke Blastshield
FF Han Solo Bespin
FF Han Solo Endor
FF Luke Ceremonial
FF Leia New Likeness
FF Leia Ewok Celebration
CTC Han Solo
EpI Naboo Royal Security (x2)

Snowspeeder (Potf2)
Kabe & Muftak (Sealed In White Mailer Box)
Detention Block Rescue Playset
Millenium Falcon CD-ROM Playset (w/ Exclusive Han Solo figure)
Mos Espa Encounter Cinema Scene
Landspeeder (Potf2)
Expanded Universe Speederbike
M8icroMachines Planet Degobah Playset

Even if you don't have the LEGO's on the list of my wants, e-mail me with what you do have, I may still be interested (I can't get enough LEGO's!)My e-mail address is ed_dotcom@boxfrog.com. Hopefully I can help you out with your Star Wars collection.

For feedback reference, my eBay user id is Oscar971.


i am ed.

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