View Poll Results: What genre of Star Wars games do you prefer best?

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  • Strategy (i.e. Star Wars Rebellion, etc.)

    28 8.89%
  • Shooter (i.e. Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, etc.)

    113 35.87%
  • Simulation (i.e. TIE Fighter, etc.)

    76 24.13%
  • Action (i.e Rogue Leader, etc.)

    75 23.81%
  • Other (i.e. anything that dosen't fit the above)

    23 7.30%
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    i enjoyed the classic atari games the best.

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    Yeah 2600 ROCKED, but nothing beats RES Evil or Metal Gear.
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    It is a toss up for me between the shoot-em-up games like Jedi Knight and the Strategy games. However I would not choose your choice of strategy examples. Star Wars Rebelion is the most pathetic, piece of *(&(&* that they called a game. I almost quite buying Star Wars titles after robbed of $50 for that. But they redeemed themselves with Galactic Battlegrounds.

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    Originally posted by Darth Jax
    i enjoyed the classic atari games the best.
    Even that lame Jedi Arena game?
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    What problems are you having with catching bounties, and which system are you playing it on? For PS2, press up on the D pad to do a quick change to the 1st person view and scan the area. Then change to the rope before you mark them, otherwise they know you're after them and will usually run. Quick change back to the helmet, mark them and collect. As for the intense moments of the game, I have no idea how to get the bounties any easier...

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    I voted strategy. These type of games seem to last the longest and provide the most challenge. I really like the shooter and action games, but once I figure them out they lose their appeal. However, I must say Rebellion has been the only really good Star Wars strategy game. Yes it has some problems and could be better, but it's the only strategy game where you can make strategic decisions. Battlegrounds allows you to make tactical decisions in a set strategic environment, but you can't control what's going to happen.

    So Rebellion is my favorite game,
    Jedi Knight II is number 2,
    Jedi Knight is number 3,
    Rogue Squadron is number 4 (I really wish RS2 would be made available for PC),
    and Dark Forces is number 5.

    I'd also like to see the company update some of the classic games with newer technology to take advantage of better 3-D rendering and video technology.

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    Shooters! Dig the shooters, the Dark Forces series is the BOMB!
    Then again, first person shooters have always been my favorite type of games in any genre.

    I would love to check out Bounty Hunter too, if only they would release it for the X-box........

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    You might want to change the title of this poll. Add something along the lines of "What type of Star Wars PC games do you like?" because I stink so bad at pC games, that I don't even bother to play them. I have three Star Wars PC games sitting here, unopened. I prefer simple board games like SW battleship, or Life.
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    We're way overdue for a new version of TIE Fighter and the x-wing games.

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    Strategy - nothings better than subjugating an entire galaxy to do your will!

    Although anything to do with Star Wars is usually pretty cool...except that Atari Hoth game which was a little like "Groundhog Day" because it was so damn damn repetitive.

    Anyone remember that Atari Hoth game?


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