View Poll Results: What genre of Star Wars games do you prefer best?

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  • Strategy (i.e. Star Wars Rebellion, etc.)

    28 8.89%
  • Shooter (i.e. Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, etc.)

    113 35.87%
  • Simulation (i.e. TIE Fighter, etc.)

    76 24.13%
  • Action (i.e Rogue Leader, etc.)

    75 23.81%
  • Other (i.e. anything that dosen't fit the above)

    23 7.30%
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    Originally posted by Imperial Loyalist

    Anyone remember that Atari Hoth game?
    I do and I thought it was awesome. I dug out my atari 2600 games a few years back , cause my friend had an Atari with little games. We played that game for hours. The repeatitiveness(SP?) was the best part to me. I would love to play that game again.
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    Originally posted by Imperial Loyalist
    Anyone remember that Atari Hoth game?
    Uh, yeah (I've got it right here) "Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back." Deffender with imperial walkers, what could be better?

    My favorite is still the old "Star Wars" arcade game from Atari. Probably the first big vector graphics game that I played. That game lost me many many quarters.

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    Rogue Squadron is good on N64, but I really don't care for the way the other similar games have been done...they don't look right.
    But I love Galactic Battlegrounds/Clone Campaign.

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    glad to see i'm not the only one that still digs the simple yet elegant platform of the Atari 2600. ESB was very repetetive yet very simple. and come on swinging your lightsaber back and forth in jedi duel, how mind-numbing was that. they just don't make games like that anymore.

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    I voted for action, like Rogue Squadron or whatever its called for Gamecube. I just like piloting the ships and popping on TIEs. I like shooters too, though. I liked the Star Wars games that super nintendo had but im usually pleased with whatever Star Wars games i get.
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    Originally posted by plasticfetish
    My favorite is still the old "Star Wars" arcade game from Atari. Probably the first big vector graphics game that I played. That game lost me many many quarters.
    That's my favorite too, neat look even if they were simple vector graphics, great control yoke, and cool straight-from-the-movie voice overs. Would that game be considered a sim? You don't really control where the X-wing is going except a little dodge in any direction.
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    Would that game be considered a sim?
    Yeah, pretty much ... what was it, 3 parts? Fighting Tie-fighters, the towers and then the trench? I forgot about the voice over stuff ... "Use the Force Luke!" Ahhh, the memories ... I played that game every day after school for a year. I think there was a sit down version also ... I wonder if they have one of those over at the Disneyland arcade still.

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    I don't have any pc games, so my opinions are on the "platform" games. My favorite is the game that came out for the playstation - phantom menace. It was based on the movie. I love that game. I bought the playstation just for that game. I love running around with the lightsaber and playing out the movie. Unfortunatly they haven't come out with sqat for the P2 - they are all flying games. At least x-box has the obi-wan game, I've almost been tempted to get the x-box just for that game! I wish the P2 would come out with a game based on attack of the clones - and not just the flying type! My 2 cents!

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    Alright, another one of the video game threads we discussed.

    This is a hard choice for me since I enjoy at least one SW game out of each of those categories, paricularily the action and simulation categories. In the end I went with simulation games.

    Originally posted by turbowars
    what catagory does Clone Wars and that pod racing game for PS2 fall in?
    I would put Clone Wars in the "action" category since its similar to Rogue Squadron or Battle for Naboo and the pod racer game in the "other" category since it would be classified as a racer.
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    The best SW game by far was X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter multiplayer. I got into some awesome 4 on 4 matches. Put some astroids into the playing area load it up with tie interceptors and a-wings and watch the madness. I don't quite remember the single player missions, but the multiplayer was enough for me.


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