View Poll Results: What genre of Star Wars games do you prefer best?

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  • Strategy (i.e. Star Wars Rebellion, etc.)

    28 8.89%
  • Shooter (i.e. Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, etc.)

    113 35.87%
  • Simulation (i.e. TIE Fighter, etc.)

    76 24.13%
  • Action (i.e Rogue Leader, etc.)

    75 23.81%
  • Other (i.e. anything that dosen't fit the above)

    23 7.30%
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    What genre of Star Wars games do you prefer best?

    There are a lot of titles out there, and a lot of different types of games for different platforms, including PC's, as well as console game systems.

    What do you like best?

    Tell us about your favorite Star Wars video games and why you like them.
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    Simulation! TIE Fighter was the coolest Star Wars game I ever played.
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    I like the first person shooter games the best. I have played a few different Sw games and those are my faves. I don't like flight simulation games very much. I have played the SW twisted metal like game and that is decent. I am not much into the tournament fighting games much either. Has anyone played Bounty Hunter? What is that like?
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    I loved Bounty Hunter. Great stuff, but the levels are always tests of how quick you can fire your blasters. If you like killing and killing and little to no thinking, Bounty Hunter is for you.
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    Bounty Hunter is great, despite the reviews. The movie segments are really well done, and they got the real actors to play the parts (Jango and Zam, anyway). It fills in quite a bit of information on how he came into being the clone's genetic template, provided (of course) it can be considered cannon. I voted for the shooter games (which I guess if SOTE was part of, Bounty Hunter would fall under that category as well), though I've really enjoyed the Starfighter games as well, they fit nicely with both E1 and 2.

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    I voted Shooter. I'm just getting into Bounty Hunter, and so far it's a hoot. I'm still having trouble getting the hang of catching marked bounties. Any tips?
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    It was a close call between Simulation and Shooter, as both have had some great games. Yet in the end, TIE Fighter, is still one of the best games ever developed, and I never get tired of playing it, so Simulation wins over.

    Let me just say why Simulation, particularly TIE Fighter, wins:

    1) You fly the ships, enough said

    2) You fight for the Empire, and STAY with the Empire - no moral defecting to the Rebellion halfway in the game like Force Commander

    3) It's so cool taking down a Mon Calimari or Star Destroyer

    4) It actually makes the Empire seem like a force to be reckoned with!

    The shooter games are also good. The entire Dark Forces series is still one of my favorites also, but after a while, the missions get repetitive, while TIE Fighter missions are always new and different everytime you play them.
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    what catagory does Clone Wars and that pod racing game for PS2 fall in?
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    i'm assuming podracing at least fall under "Simulation" since it's a piloting game
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    I like shooters like the Dark Forces series of games and SOTE the best, Vehicle Sims being my next choice.
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