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    Is this real, or a knock off?

    Ebay Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise

    I was shopping on eBay, when I came across this. First I think the person is nuts for starting the bidding so high, next, I don't recall their being a Stormtrooper Luke back in the vintage era. The body looks like something from the early Kenner years.
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    It's a real knockoff.

    It looks legit to me, the pic is a bit fuzzy but the sculpt looks accurate.
    There was indeed a vintage Stormie Luke released in the POTF line and that pic looks like all the ones I've seen over the years.

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    The figure shown looks exactly like my old Luke Stormtrooper. This figure and Han Solo in Carbonite were the last two figures I bought while I was a child. Now, some twenty years later -- I wish I would have left these in the package -- oh well!!

    This is the real thing.
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    Thanks, I don't remember the Luke in Stormtrooper disguise, but then I don't remember to much from those early collecting days. I just went through my vintage figures, but found that I didn't get one of those. Actually, I might have had one, but my mom threw away a bunch of my figures from that time. And just because I don't remember it, doesn't mean it wasn't made.

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    I personally don't remember this fig at all. But I stopped collecting right around the time Kenner starting attaching those coins to figs. I wasn't into what seemed to me rehashes of previously released figs. So no POTF, or Droids, or Ewoks cartoon figs. But I really think I would have heard about a vintage Luke in stormtrooper disguise.
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    I remember this figure and I remember really wanting this Luke. One of the last Star Wars figures I got as a kid was Warok who came on a 92 back card of course, a card which I later lost. So later when I'd till friends (who at that time didn't care) about the POTF figures, I was told I was crazy.
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    This was the one I also drooled over, once I saw it on the back of my POTF Lando General figure's card; that and the Imperial Gunner. I found both on the secondary market (about $35 each, Luke was carded, Gunner loose). Actually, the $79 US price is about average (maybe a tad above average) for a loose Luke Trooper.
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    Originally posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    This was the one I also drooled over,
    Same, and now I look at his misproportioned lil' pinhead and still love him so!

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    I too never had this figure. I had stopped collecting as well when they started putting the coins with them. I really wanted this figure and Amanaman at the time but never got them.
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    I remember seeing the coined figures, and wanting them all, but because I was only bringing in very little money, I had to pick and choose. I remember passing on some of the figures, that I now wished I had bought.

    Yes, Luke does look a little funny with his tiny head, but the figures from that time all looked a little funny, I mean I was looking at my Lando, and I laughed. I'm so much happier with "most" of the sculpts of today.
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