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    Unhappy How I long for the old days...

    I really do wish it was still liek the old days. All the figures coming out now (almost all of them) are so disappointing. I barely even want to buy any. Now they are comign out with all these terrible somwhat EU. (If it was a real EU, that would rock) It was so much simpler int he old days, i long for their return.
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    I feel your pain. I stopped trying to collect Vintage figures even before Episode 1. I have no interest in the EU or even the Prequel Trilogy toys. So now, down to 10-15 new classic trilogy figures per year. To pass the time, I've started a small amount of army building and some customizing.
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    You guys sound like grumpy old men. I don't know what's to complain about. If you don't like the PT then thats fine. Still the figures comeing out now are still pretty gooe. The detail is a mazing. One of the most detailed figures on the market in it's size.

    I too am a child of the vintage age, but at the same time I recognize change and progression. No way would this line have survived for as long as it has without the natural progression it has showed.
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    I can't complain about the new classic trilogy figures. The detail is amazing. They are the main reason I gave up collecting Vintage figures. I'm not slamming Vintage figures, they will always be special to me.

    What I'm depressed about is that there aren't as many Classic Trilogy figures being released. I knew the day would come where all Star Wars figures lines would come to an end, and I'd have to quit collecting.
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    See, I have nothing really left to get int he vintage line. I have all the figures. I have all of thevariantions I want (or at least can afford - no luck on telescoping Ben, Vader and a vinyl Jawa). I have the complete Droids and Ewoks line carded (except Vlix) and I have a complete POTF coin collection (except the 63rd coin). I have everything i want except for those that i mentioned. The new stuff that is comign out just seems to be lacking. I do not like the Clone Wars line coming out, and the prequel stuff with all the action gimmicks just doesn't work. I basically just buy what i like now. It just depresses me.
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    They should just make them in a nuetral pose instead of all these action poses and gimmicks. They should also make them fully poseable, possibly with swivel arm battle action like the old G.I. Joes.
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    I like the action poses. I like the neutral poses. I WOULD like to see one of each. Why not do this when Hasbro is going to take the time and resources to slap old figures on new cards? Of course, the difference in amounts of resources to accomplish this are there, but "if you build it they will come."

    If not two different versions of the same character (action and neutral), how about some kind of Star Wars-G.I. Joe type of figure? You can slap a Joe into just about any pose you want. Of course, the joints look horrible; that's why they need to find some kind of happy meeting point between the two lines to make the ultimate figure.


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    I say neutral poses would be better.
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    I like the neutral poses for figures that are ordinary. (ie Bespin guard, stormtooper, rebel pilot) Although I kinda like the action poses for items meant to be scene specific, they kinda add a bit of value to the scene, although I can see where they might take away from overall playability and imagination as well.
    As big of a fan as I am of vintage (I have mostly everything looseand a growing carded collection) I equally like the new lines as well as items from the prequal trilogy. They have there own sense of aura to them.
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    Personally...I'd like to see Hasbro re-release the vintage figures in their vintage packaging or the saga packaging. I know that they'd never do that...but for those of us who don't have a complete vintage collection or a completed carded collection (which is almost next to impossible)...wouldn't it be cool to finally have a carded vintage collection that most of us want? I know that it would be worthless $$ wise compared the real vintage line...but it would be nice to have them carded for display purposes and novelty. I dunno...I know that I would buy em!
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