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    Need Help Finding 12" Speeder w/ Scout

    Besides eBay, has anybody seen the 12" Speeder w/ Scout Trooper for sale under $60? I really want one and didn't collect 12" figures back when he came out a few years back

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    e bay is about the only place to find this one. and $60 is actually a good price, as it sold for $50 at retail.

    if you're not a mint in box person, rumor has it a single boxed scout trooper will be released later this year, so you could always get a cheap luke/speeder bike and use that.

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    I saw they had a whole endcap full of the Biker scout w/ speeder at a Target, several years ago. They had them marked down, and I'm kicking myself for not picking one or two more up.
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    Go to -- search on "Action Figures" then go to "Star Wars" -- They have the 12" Luke Speeder bike listed for $49.95. I have not seen the Scout trooper in some time..Sorry
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  5. #5 speeder still lists the Luke and speeder @ 39.99.

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    If the rumor is true that the Biker Scout will be released on its own in the future then I'd buy the Luke and Speeder set and swap him out.
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    It looks to me like either the link JediBoulton gave you or Ebay will be your best bets. They are asking 160.00-200.00 at Frank-n-Scalper's right now.
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    Keep watching ebay. Stay sharp, and keep your eye on all the available listings. I watched them for a good while, and finally scored a MIB one for $41 or 42 at a time when a lot of them were closing for more than $60. Sometimes you get lucky.

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    Heck, I don't really need the speeder. Looks like my luck will change this spring/summer when the 12" Scout comes out on his own!!!

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    You mean this winter. The individual 12" Scout Trooper is set for a fall release. So it will be around Christmas.
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