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    Unleashed Princess Leia

    Mini Review

    Well, I just got my Unleashed Leia in the mail yesterday. I opened it up and...well...I feel funny displaying this figure on my computer desk along with my other Unleashed figures. It makes me fell like a perv !

    It's extremely adult oriented. DEFINITELY for the adult collectors out there. Why it says "For ages 8+" is beyond me. I'd have to slap a parent who'd buy this for their kids. I guess it will have to go into storage & out of sight of my 3 year old son until I get my office remodeled!

    In closing, a very cool Unleashed figure. Tied at #3 on my favorite list with her mommy Padme (1st Vader #1, Dooku #2 if you care) although it has a much better paint job than the Padme. Looks nothing like Carrie Fisher, but that doesn't seem to be something Hasbro can actually do!


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    Rear view - literally

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    You are making me want to open mine. If it wasn't for wanting to have one of each in a package, I would. I'll just have to order up a second one.
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    Yea I got mine a while back and the dude at the register did a double take and said, are there anymore back there? I said one or two, and he said he might have to get himself one. Even the guys at the comic shops were drooling over the images of the unleashed on the back of some star wars comics.

    Yea its definitly for the male fans. Playing to our old desires and teenage memories...

    I won't argue...I like it

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    I put mine on the top of my unleashed display. One of the best yet in my opinion!!
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    I loved this figure back when we 1st saw crappy fuzzy shots of her. Thanks for the REAR shot mm74md!!! I have to get this one! -
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