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    Question re: Jedi Luke

    I just scored a Jedi Luke from the FAO 2pack for super cheap ($5). What a steal!

    Only thing is, he's missing his cloak. I was just wondering if anyone here has done a custom, or knows of any other alternative. I was thinking about making one from a Palpatine robe, but the texture is all wrong... I really want him to have a cloak!

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hmm, are you sure it's the Luke from the FAO 2-Pack? The Luke: Jedi was re-issued later in the basic 12" line, without his cloak. He also came with a bone and a glow in the dark lightsaber. If I recall correctly.

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    I believe that was one of the few 12" figures I took a pass on, the reissued 12" Jedi Luke that is. The last time I saw the figure, it was clearanced for around $5, but the box was so badly damaged, I took a pass on it. Besides, I did have the Jedi/Bib FAO two pack already. If it is the reissue jpak001, at least you didn't pay a lot for it.
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    Naw, it's definitely the FAO version. He's got the dark hair and clear saber. I actually had the single version at one point and just wasn't happy with it (mainly because of the stupid glow saber). Ended up selling it off with about a million other toys!

    I was really happy to score him for such a great price even though he's missing the cloak! I also scored a loose 12" Sebulba for $10. I was really stoked about that too!

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    Hmm, that's tough, the FAO version's cloak is pretty unique. Maybe try sewing one from the 12" Maul's cloak, that's all I can think of.
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    Originally posted by jpak001
    Naw, it's definitely the FAO version. He's got the dark hair and clear saber.
    You mean green saber?

    From time to time these things pop up on eBay so if your not in a hurry to get his cloak you could just keep checking.

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    what you can do is get an extra episode 1 obi-wan robe, dye it black and remove the sleeves and sew up the holes. presto! you have luke's ROTJ cloak.

    i have not done this myself, but have seen one that been altered like this, and it looked really good.

    also, you could get an episode 1 qui-gon robe, remove the sleeves, don't sew them, and boom!, an episode 2 anakin robe!
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    Oh yeah, I meant the clear green saber. Thanks for the suggestions guys! My best bet would probably be trying to customize a Ep1 robe (since you can still find those figs for pretty cheap).

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    I thought the robe was dark brown.

    If you're not a stickler for details, you can easily make a robe. If I remember correctly, Luke's ROJ robe didn't have sleeves.

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    Right, it was a cloak...with a hood.


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