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    Question about new photos of figures on and

    Just a general wondering... when photos of new figures show up on and, they're simply not as good as the photos that show up on say for example [REMOVED]


    When they showed pictures of Anakin Secret Ceremony, he looked just ok but after seeing the pics of him at [REMOVED] he looked AWESOME, the best Anakin yet.

    When they showed a picture of Darth Tyranus Geonosian Escape, he looked crappy, when I saw him on [REMOVED] and when I bought him, I realised that he's the best Dooku figure yet.

    I'm sure there are other examples, I bet that Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader Throne Room Duel will look awesome when seen in better pictures or in person.
    Why can't Hasbro take better, higher resolution pictures? Surely it's in their interests to show of their products in the best possible way.

    JarJarBinks? Your thoughts?
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    It's about having consideration for all users of the site and keeping the siz of the files down to a minimum for faster downloads. Not everyone has super wizzy broadband DSL connections, some people believe it or not still work with a pentium one and windows 95 *gasp* it's true. So to allow people with slow connections to access the files they reduce the sizes. It's also about fitting the pics onto the pages too. You'll find that has slightly larger pics these days, but places like GH show large pictures because they have a better understanding of how to maximise quality without losing size. Something that Hasbro hasn't quite got their heads round yet. Hasbro pass on the images to, size the images to fit their site. All images are small.
    Most companies are still gearing their sites to an 800x600 screen resolution because apparently that's the more common size of screen for home use.

    Am I waffling again? Must be bedtime.
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    I think just thinks we are lucky to get what we get. I rather go the SSG, RS and GH to see these photo anyways. is one of the worst sites out there.
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