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    A figure subscription service.....

    .....I know, I know. This idea rears it's ugly head during the first quarter of most year's past, but....after what has been the most dreadful time for lack of figures in quite a while, i can't help but hope for this idea to see the light of day.

    It could be through Hasbro (although they have made it clear in the past for many reasons way they won't touch this) or through the official fan club (although considering how often it's changed hands over the past few could be a mess...) but it's still a viable idea.

    After seeing image after image of figures that will probably never make it to a store near me (of mostly secondary characters to personal favs BTW)...there has to be a way to make this happen....

    Quite simply: A subscription service where the subscriber gets EVERY figure released (and multiples if they'd like as long as they paid for 'em). I think that the adult collector base is big enough now to support this....

    Thoughts everyone? How about a poll? I just know I'm so over hitting store after store to no avail & I'm not interested in purchasing whole cases online as long as Hasbro continues with the wacked-out assortments (1 of each of some characters while continuing to have multiples of the same ones case after case....argghh!). There has to be a solution that works for everyone, both collectors and Hasbro...epecially since the retailers are more leery than ever about ordering more SW while clogging the shelves with the latest rot (hulk hands, anyone?)

    Let me know what you all think about a subscription hasn't been this bad for new figures in a while...even the year after EpOne with the great POTJ banner wasn't this bad....

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    Hasbro isn't allowed, by the terms of the contract with Lucasfilm to sell directly to the consumers. That's why they had to get special permission a few years ago to sell the Muftak and Kabe and the B'ommar Monk. But what your asking for pretty much already exists, join Kebco's "One of Every Figure" club.

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    Jar Jar's right. Kebco's "One of Every Figure Club" is the way to go for you. They only charge $5.99 (I think) each, and though they are a little slow to ship sometimes, I've had nothing but good experiences with them.

    If you've finally hit the point where the hunt just isn't fun anymore (been ther, done that), it's the only way to go.
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    A buddy of mine looked in to this on my suggestion. He tells me that the small print makes the sevice not worthwhile. He tells me that the 5.99 figures are not the collector grade figures, those cost substantially more (I believe he said 10.99). They only ship a few at a time and charge astronomical shipping charges for them (I call that postage scalping). You have to give a month's notice to quit. And they break up the charges 1/2 in advance and 1/2 upon shipping so you have to be careful to have the money in the bank.

    It is a very convenient service. But for the price, not for me.
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    I haven't subscribed to this but I am seriously considering it.
    Kebco's deal is, according to their website, $5.99 for mint on mint. Non mint are a reduced rate.....Shipping, if you wait awhile, you can get better rates for more figures shipped at once.
    1 to 3 small fig's - $5.95
    4 to 7 small fig's - $6.95 to $7.95
    8 to 11 small fig's - $7.95 to $8.95
    12 to 15 small fig's - $8.95 to $9.49
    I think the two dollars more than cost (which basically one dollar is lost in sales tax) is worth it. I have wasted so many Saturdays running around looking for these.

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    Sentinal - Are you sure those prices are for mint cards? If they are, then it just might be worth it after all.

    (Edit) - I finally did what I should have done in the first place. I read the rules myself.

    It looks like I need to take back MOST of everything I said. This looks like it might be a pretty darn good deal.
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    That's how I read the information Darth Cruel.......I am really thinking about doing this also.


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