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    Shuttle question: which one do we have?

    When I opened the box of my Imperial Shuttle, I was quite shocked at how dirty it was. Isn't the shuttle rather clean and white? I am actually quite disapointed in this piece, as it is NOT movie accurate. The paintwork needs MAJOR toning down.

    I plan on removing some of the grey paint off my shuttle later this month. But before I do this, I want to make sure that I am doing the right thing. As you guys know, there are 3 shutles seen in ROTJ: Tyderium (the one stolen by the rebels), ST-321 (the one Darth Vader uses), and the Emperor's (supposedly heavily modified- god knows how). I was thinking that hasbro may have made the Tyderium shuttle, which may or may not be dirtier than the other ones. If it is indeed Tyderium that we have, and if the latte IS that dirty, I will put it in a Rebel hangar diorama, and that'll be that. But otherwise I will proceed to cleaning it up.

    Can anybody post links to pictures of the 3 shuttles? Any advice on this is appreciated.

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    This was discussed quite a while ago. It's meant to be the stolen Imperial Shuttle, not the Emperor's Shuttle. The Emperor's Shuttle was extremely clean, and I believe it also featured a marking on the nose, where as the stolen shuttle was pretty dirty and grimy, and didn't have the nose markings.

    Originally we heard it was going to be marketed as the stolen Rebel one. And that was pretty much confirmed when we saw the pictures of the toy the first time. So it came to quiet a suprised to many of us, when the packaging was revealed and it showed the Emperor's Arrival Scene.

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