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    Originally posted by [DSS]Pedr0
    TRU on North Ave & 16Th Ave(Melrose PArk) had quite a few assorted 12" figures plus the BIG X-Wing as well as THe Taun-Taun/Luke Package
    I was just there yesterday. They've had that same stuff for awhile now. I talked to the manager, and they told me they weren't ordering any new 3 3/4 inch figures until the others sold down. They still have a lot of the peg warming older figures in the bin above. I try not to stop there to often, but since I was disappointed with the Target that's just down the way, I thought I'd stop by.
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    same here u1...same here, and it's on the way from one job to the next too
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    I say we rush all of these Targets and hide the current figures around the store....two things would be accomplished. 1. "Hey look, we are all out of Star Wars, let's order some!" 2. Imagine the fun when someone opens the fridge for a gallon of milk and there lies a screaming Mace

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    That's a genius idea! Hiding all the pegwarmers could catually be fun. at least it would give us something to do when we go to a store and once again find nothing. I'm all for it. In fact i'm starting tomorrow. We should have a designated area. so everyone on the board can go check and see all the hidden Mace's!!!

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    Major score on the way home from work tonight at the Target in Rosemont: Aayla Secura, Barris Offee, Lama Su, Ashla & Jempa, Yoda & Chian, Imperial Officer (blonde!), and a bonus... RED BATTLE DROID. Didn't realize these were in stores yet.

    All these at the bargain price of $2.50 each too. I hit the aisle probably 10 seconds before two others reached it and scooped up nearly everything else (wasn't much left after I was done). After we were all done, I think the only thing left was one Obi Acklay Battle.

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    Nice we can play a new game...Where's Windu!!!

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    Or go put one Macu Windu, into a bottle of Windex, he could be the "Mr. Clean" of the glass industry!
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    I always reorganize the shelfs to put all the pegwarmers on the same pegs. My local Wal-mart has 8 pegs for Star Wars figures and I can fill six of them with Padme Coruscant Attack (Pilot). I even started turning them around in a silent protest. This helps other collectors so they don't have to bother digging through them and if forces the staff to actually look at the pegs and figure selection. I think I like the idea of hiding the figures better though. I'm gonna hide them in the furniture and storage sections. Maybe I'll put them in the legs of pants too. Imagine somebody going to try on pants and finding Star Wars figures.
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    Wal-Mart Forest Park had Yoda and the Padawans, Red BD and Blonde Imperial Officer this am. Good luck hunting. Hoppy Easter!


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