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    Hey, I have a friend who works at the Rolling "Meadows" store. Darn, I was just down the way at TRU, and ended up picking up a "Punisher" 12" action figure. After that cash outlay, I was to broke to buy anything except taco bell.
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    Kane County Toy Show Question: How much do you think the vendors will be open for trades? If I bring a couple new figs with me, do you think the vendors would be willing to trade with me?

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    Kane County Questions continued

    anybody with a ballpark of what the 10-pack knockoff 3 3/4 japanese clones might go for?

    muchos gracias in advancios


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    Hey, tonight I went into the Northlake Wal-Mart, and found 1 case of new figures. I picked up Mace Windu (arena confrontation), R2-D2 (Droid factory flight), Han Solo (Blue coat), Anakin (secret ceremony), Boba Fett (pit of Carkoon), and Chewbacca (Mynock hunt). I like all the figures with the exception of the R2. Now I see why other SSG members are taking a pass on this figure.
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    u156446 Vendors at Kane County are willing to trade, but depending on what you have and what they think they can make on it. If you have something totally new (ie Boba Fett, Han Hoth, Yoda w/ younglings) than maybe you'll get them to trade. Chances are they aren't going to do you any favors though. New figs aren't worth much, and they know (just like everyone else) that they'll be plentiful in time. If they think they can make a quick buck on you than they'll trade. My advice is get there early and try to trade early. The longer you wait the closer it is to closing time, and people are less likely to trade then.

    Flembar, hard to tell about this set. I'd say that you would pay about the same price as they cost on the net. I mean that's were these guys got them, so it's not going to be much cheaper. I do remember last Kane Co. and they sold pretty quick, so you too may want to get there early to stock up on them (if that's what your after).

    Hope my advice helps. I'm real excited about Kane Co. this year. I've been saveing my pennies just for this show. All I need for my collection is vintage stuff, so I'm hopeing to nock some of that stuff off my list.

    Good luck this weekend and hope to have fun on Sunday!
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    The dealers who come from out-of-town for the show stay at the hotel in the area. You can go and walk the hotels and the dealers usually have their doors open to make deals and sell stuff. A friend of mine went yesterday. He doesn't collect Star Wars but I gave him a list to look out for. He visited about 8 rooms, 6 dealers had Star Wars. He didn't see any Yoda/Padawans or Han/Chewies. He also didn't see any Sandtrooper 4-packs. I also called Jeff Freeman from the Falcon's Hanger in Indy. He's not going to have anything after the Boba Fett wave, no Sandtroopers either. If only a few dealers have any new stuff (and they will figure that out Saturday amongst themselves) the little there is there will be more expensive. I hope this show doesn't suck.

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    Hey Indiana,

    What hotels are the dealers staying at? Just curious? Went to the Hot Wheels convention earlier this month and the room to room was great. I'd say 100's of rooms. Hard to compete with the dozen or so that may be open for this, but still it's loads of fun.

    I'd love to go an check it out, so if you can hook me up with some room, I'd really appreciate it.

    Maybe I'll bump into you on Sunday. The show won't suck, the April show is always the best one .

    Good luck to all this weekend!
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Saw a Bo Shek and LOTR Gollum at TRU on Rand during lunch.

    Based on what INDIANA says, I think I'll bring my Yoda & Chian and Ashla & Jempa along for trade on Sunday. Sounds like I might be able to find a dealer who'd be interested for a reasonable return.

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    I spent an hour going up and down Rand rd. looking for the TRU. I stopped at a Wal-Mart, and the lady there told me to head East into Des Plaines. I ended up on Mannheim near the Allstate arena. I turned around went up and down Rand rd. again, finally stopped at a Target, where the employee said there was a TRU down the way in a strip mall, and that it had a small store facing, so it might be hard to find. Anyway, the question is, did I go to the same one you did u156446? By the time I got there, it was time for me to make my way back home. I can't even remember the name of the town but it was a couple of towns West of Des Plaines.

    Came home with nothing. :~(
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    The TRU on Rand is North of Palatine Road, probably in Arlington Heights. If the Target you stopped at was the one on Rand (not the one near the Allstate Arena), then the TRU was a mile or two north of there, and there is a Wendy's in the lot with a Burlington Coat factory under construction next door.


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