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    Sand Crawler is going to happen!!

    Looks like the Jawa Sand Crawler is going to happen. Brian Toys has it all ready to pre-order.

    It looks cool, a lot like the vintage version. Looks to come with one Jawa (a re-hash) and a new droid. The Silver Protocol Droid that is seated near 3P0 when they are inside the sand crawler.

    It didn't say when it was expected to be released. It did show a small color photo in the catalog. I'll try and get a copy of that posted on here tomarow.

    Real cool! 2003 may be starting out slow, but seems that Hasbro has a lot of cool things in store for us !
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    Actually, we've known about this for quite a while.
    But perhaps you're new to the forums. Or just
    check in from time to time and missed our other posts
    about it.

    The Sandcrawler has been rumoured for ages and ages.
    In fact, the photo you mention made quite a splash back
    here in October or so when it first turned up on another
    rival website.

    Some were annoyed that it was a rehash of the Jawa that
    came with the ronto. But as that's the only Jawa I don't have
    it's fine with me.

    I can't wait for this toy myself. I never got the vintage
    one and have always regretted it.

    All that we need now is a retailer to officially pick it up.

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    Yup, I posted the news about the pre-order about two weeks ago me-thinks. All I know is, if they DONT go ahead with this, Mark and I will pull out our arse whoppin sticks and go to town on Hasbro.
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    They should have made a new mold, this one is too small. But still really cool! Hopefully it'll be available soon.

    PS - Good to see you didn't leave, Amy.
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    The private universe has a listing up at the moment with the sandcrawler listed as a june release for the UK. But it's not a concrete listing I'm sure. We keep seeing list after list supposedly from the horses mouth and then e-tailers putting stuff up for pre-order that even they don't even know whether they'll actually have to sell or not.

    Bear in mind this is a UK listing and differs from retailer lists in the US:
    Basic Figures Collection 1
    84870 Obi-Wan (Spear Throwing)
    84918 Mace Windu (Total Control)
    84919 Darth Tyrannus (Lightning Burst)
    84927 Anakin Skywalker (Mechanical Arm)
    84920 Classic Boba Fett (Quick Draw)
    84922 Flying R2-D2
    84959 Han Solo (Hoth) 06/03
    84960 Chewie (Mynock Hunt) 06/03
    84977 Luke Skywalker (Return of the Jedi) 06/03
    84978 Darth Vader (Return of the Jedi) 06/03
    84979 Snow Trooper (Empire Strikes Back) 06/03
    84704 Jango Fett, Kamino Escape (Existing) 08/03
    84705 C3PO (Existing) TBC
    84815 Clone Trooper (Clone Wars) 08/03
    84814 Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars) 08/03
    84816 Mandalorean Bounty Hunter (Clone Wars) 08/03
    84828 Yoda w / hover chair (Clone Wars) 08/03
    84826 Obi-Wan Pilot (Clone Wars) 08/03
    84827 Sith Witch (Clone Wars) 08/03
    84848 Mace Windu (Clone Wars) 08/03
    84849 Kit Fisto (Clone Wars) 10/03
    84722 Saesee Tin (Clone Wars) 10/03
    84724 Super Articulated Storm Trooper 10/03

    Basic Figures Collection 2 (Solids)
    84923 Padme Amidala (with soft cloak)
    84924 SP-4 & JN-66 (Library Droid 2 Pack)
    84921 Tusken Raider with Removable Head
    84925 Lama Su & Clone Boy
    84928 Twilek Jedi with Super Articulation
    84926 Bariss Offee, Luminara Unduli's Padawan
    84969 Yoda w/Padwan Jedi 2 pk 07/03
    84970 Alien Padwan Jedi 2 pk 07/03
    84989 Padme Wedding Dress 07/03
    84990 Wat Tambor 07/03
    84991 Colman Trebor 07/03
    84706 Darth Maul (Existing) 07/03
    84707 Princess Leia (Existing) 07/03
    84708 Han Solo (Existing) 07/03
    84817 Waitress Droid 08/03
    84818 Faytonni Cantina Alien 08/03
    84820 Darth Sidious 08/03
    84709 Luke Skywalker (Existing) 08/03
    84710 Darth Vader (Existing) 08/03
    84830 Bail Organa 10/03
    84829 McQuarrie Stormtrooper 10/03
    84842 Imperial Dignitary 10/03
    84843 Padme in Tatooine Travel Outfit 10/03
    84723 Ayy Vida Nightclub Twilek 10/03
    84717 Obi Wan 10/03
    84718 Slease Bagano 10/03

    FOB Lines
    Yavin Hangar Acc. Set w / Rebel Technician - 04/03
    Jabbas Dungeon Acc. Set w / Gammorean Guard - 04/03
    Guangan Defense w / Gungan warrior - 04/03
    Endor Celebration with C-3P0 - 05/03
    Death Star Station with Imperial Gunner - 05/03
    Droid Factory with CZ-1 - 05/03
    Kitik Keedlak Cantina Alien Scene - 03/03
    Dr Evazan Cantina Alien Scene - 03/03
    Wuher Cantina Alien Scene - 03/03
    32132 3 3/4 Figure 4 Pack - Ultimate Bounty - 05/03
    26703 3 3/4 Figure 4 Pack - Rescue on Hoth - 07/03
    26798 3 3/4 Figure 4 Pack - Imperial Forces - 03/03
    TBC 3 3/4 Figure 4 Pack - Jedi Warriors - 09/03
    26720 3 3/4 Troop Builder 4 Pack - Rebel Alliance - 04/03
    26821 3 3/4 Troop Builder 4 Pack - Sandtroopers - 02/03
    TBC 3 3/4 Troop Builder 4 Pack - Scout Troopers - 06/03
    26701 3 3/4 Naboo Fighter w/ Padme Pilot - 05/03
    26750 3 3/4 A-Wing with figure - 05/03
    26795 3 3/4 Sandcrawler with droid and Jawas - 06/03

    32548 Action Fleet Mini Vehicle Asst 1
    Cloud Car w/ Pilot - 03/03
    Desert Skiff and Jabba the Hutt - 03/03
    Gian Speeder w/ Captan Panaka - 03/03
    Hoth Encounter - 05/03
    Arena Battle - 05/03
    Mos Epsa - 05/03
    26768 3 3/4" Speeders with Figure Assortment - 05/03
    Zam Wesell and Speeder - 05/03
    Obi-Wan and Speeder - 05/03
    84840 Republic Gunship with more firepower - 06/03
    26700 12" Speederbike with Leia Endor - 05/03
    26484 12 Jabba's Band ***'t - TBC
    26486 Max Rebo And Organ (1) - TBC
    26487 Sy Snoodles And Droopy Mccool (1) - TBC

    As you can see it has inaccuracies. But according to TPU this comes from a reliable source....

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    I hate it when you have to buy a whole vehicle just to get that one figure that will never be produced on card. oh well. the Sandcrawler is cool...but I would really like to have just that new droid!
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    Great news... last time I heard about it production had been abandoned. All aboard 4 another expensive exclusive though.
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    Dang Right we will ---------- Amy!

    Thanks for the update ---- Jargo.

    The funny thing is that Private Universe were the ones who got my boxers
    all in bunch by initially posting the news that the Sandcrawler was cancelled
    back in December. "The Horror! The Horror!"

    June? A mere two months or so away? Drool!!!! May the force be with us!

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    Looks like I'll be opening the sealed box at the store and swiping the new droid. HeHeHe, J/K. I really can give a rats behind about this hunk of junk. It's just to small, I want a 5 foot by 3 foot version.
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    Has anyone got the link to the other thread about this - I've never seen the picture and really want to. Or a copy of the pic to post?

    It's the only vehicle since the Tie Bomber that I've been keen on (OK, well maybe the Republic Gunship made me happy too). Didn't stop me buying the rest of the vehicles since then, but hey.


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