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    Imperial Shuttle Loose on ebay, what is good price

    I found a loose Imperial Shuttle with figures at
    Its only at $50 now. What do they normaly sell for on ebay? It does come with two figures.
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    I was looking very seriously into one of these before they announced the re-release. what they sell for is dependant on condition, you could probably get an incomplete, totally nackered one to use for parts for $30, I've seen misb ones go for $600+. this one seems to be in good shape so I would expect that $50 to climb (the figures are a non-issue). a good way to research current trends on ebay it to view the recently completed items (look down the left hand side in that menu bar) compare condition vs price to get an idea. note, US shipping auctions almost always finish lower than world wide shipping, so if you live in the US, yea for you. if you're new to ebay, beware the snipers (people like myself that wait until the last second to bid, to avoid bid wars and keep the ending price low) in fact this may be a tactic you'll want to employ yourself. if you're just getting into vintage stuff and have little in the way of vehicles, I'd spend the money and get this instead: (includes shuttle and more) I didn't look at the new completed items but odds are that they fallen for vintage shuttles since the new ones came out. good luck.

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    Seth if I had the money I would buy it now. That is a good set with a great price on it. I am looking for half that set he has. And if I bought them all seperatly it would run close to 1000 dollars or better.
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