Yesterday at my local comic shop the guys behind the counter were logging in a collection they just bought from some guy.

I was drooling.

In this collection was:

AT-AT with original EBS Box for 75.00

Death Star Playset w/ original box for 79.00 its only missing a support post, but the foam garbage, dianoga, and stickers are still good.

The Cantina playset with the cardboad image in prime shape for 39.00, but no box.

A vintage x-wing for 25.00

A vintage "white" tie fighter with catalog for 25.00

A vintage "charcole" black vader's tie for 29.00 w/ catalog

A landspeeder for 15.

Mill. Falcon for 65, but I think some pieces are missing like the remote on the string, and chess table, but the box is still in good condition.

2 Droid Factory works for 35 a pop, but I'm sure some stuff was missing.

And some desert scene with a back drop of the streets of tatt. I don't remember that, but they wanted 85 for that piece.

I bought the cantina playset yesterday and tonight I'm going back for the death start playset. I can't pass that up, even if its missing a support post. I was going to get it last night, but they weren't finished logging it in.

I might pick a few more pieces off, but I've been looking for the death star play set for about a good 15 years now and one has just turned up.