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Thread: Vintage Score

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    Vintage Score

    Yesterday at my local comic shop the guys behind the counter were logging in a collection they just bought from some guy.

    I was drooling.

    In this collection was:

    AT-AT with original EBS Box for 75.00

    Death Star Playset w/ original box for 79.00 its only missing a support post, but the foam garbage, dianoga, and stickers are still good.

    The Cantina playset with the cardboad image in prime shape for 39.00, but no box.

    A vintage x-wing for 25.00

    A vintage "white" tie fighter with catalog for 25.00

    A vintage "charcole" black vader's tie for 29.00 w/ catalog

    A landspeeder for 15.

    Mill. Falcon for 65, but I think some pieces are missing like the remote on the string, and chess table, but the box is still in good condition.

    2 Droid Factory works for 35 a pop, but I'm sure some stuff was missing.

    And some desert scene with a back drop of the streets of tatt. I don't remember that, but they wanted 85 for that piece.

    I bought the cantina playset yesterday and tonight I'm going back for the death start playset. I can't pass that up, even if its missing a support post. I was going to get it last night, but they weren't finished logging it in.

    I might pick a few more pieces off, but I've been looking for the death star play set for about a good 15 years now and one has just turned up.

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    Congrats T!!!

    You'll have to post some pics of your finds that'll be cool!

    The DeathStar playset and the millennium falcon were always my favorite of all playsets/vehicles

    Have fun!
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    I'll see what I can do, and if I can bumb a digital off some one to use.

    I was quite suprised that the stuff is still in great shape.

    I had the cantina playset as a kid, and the land of the jawas, and I just destroyed that stuff, stickers came off, footpegs broken off...

    All this guys stuff is in prime condition.

    I wonder what else the comic shop bought from him.

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    That is a cool find. I was in my local Pawn Shop yesterday and they guy said he never gets vintage SW in. He said he got a lot in about 1 year ago and Ebayed it. I want a MIB Ewok Village so bad. I actually want all the old stuff.
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    I'll see what else is floating around at the comic shop tonight, but I don't think they had much RTOJ stuff.

    I've got an old ewok village, no box, and I bought if off a friend who's wife is a "new age/born again" sort and made him get rid of all his sci-fi stuff, D&D stuff, and fantasy novels since to her it wall all a symbol of the devil. She also made him get ride of all his prom photos and photos of him and his female friends...I guess she didn't want any competition or him having life prior to her...but that's another story...

    So I got his stuff almost scott free

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    Nice one tjovonovich! I am as well a fan of the old playsets. I'm pretty sure I still have a vintage Cantina scene and the old "L" shaped mail away stands with the 8 different movie scenes you could attach to them. My favourite part of the Cantina playset was the lever you used to make walrus man fall over.
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    I liked the saloon style door on the set.

    The longer I think about it, I might pick off a few more pieces tonight that just the death star set.

    The prices are good and since I'm a subscriber at the comic shop, I get deals and discounts on toys too.

    I hope there's a good land of jawa's in that lot. I'd really like to get that back, or the hoth play set.

    I'm tempted to buy that "streets of tatt." set. I don't ever remember seeing that and its just a image of a sandy street with tracks on it, a few footpeg spots and the vertical images are drawings of a sandtrooper, some aliens and some doors.
    I think it was nothing more than a display stand...but its one of those odd pieces.

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    Originally posted by tjovonovich
    I liked the saloon style door on the set.
    I did as well, but my rubber band kept breaking off!

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    I picked off the death star playset tonight and it needs a little cleaning, but everything is there, minus that support bar, but I'll just make one outta wood.

    Nothing else showed up from that guys collection, but I at least got part of my holy grail

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    so what happened to the cantina playset? Did someone come in and buy the other items?

    thumbs up on your death star purchase though, that's such a fun playset. I'd like to get my hands on the full cardboard one that was released overseas!

    Have fun playing T

    Are you going to put just vintage figs in it, new ones or a combo of both?
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