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    Originally posted by derek
    , and i got the feeling they were an independent company.

    Dude I can't believe u fell for that!!!!
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    So derek, are you saying you are going to buy brand new?
    yes sir! i just know too many people who have tried to sell or bought cars that have been wrecked and they didn't tell anyone.

    and i don't want the hassle of any car repairs for the immediate future. if i'm gonna spend $8,000-10,000 on a good used car, i'll just go up a few thousand more and get a new saturn, that i know is in excellent condition.

    Dude I can't believe u fell for that!!!!
    well, i am a sucker....... seriously, saturn never, untll recently advertised they were a part of GM. in 1995, when i bought my last car from them, they went out of their way in all the commercials i saw to declair their independence from any of the big three.

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    derek.... just wondering... how's the public transportation system in l.a.? (i believe that's where you live?) i don't mean to be a preachy environmentalist or whatever, but if it's good, you should use it! teehee ... although, i remember hearing that it's pretty crappy in l.a.... true? or not?

    oh, and, i don't own a car, but i always thought that saturn was independent, too... so much for a "different" kind of car, eh?

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    derek's from texas, land of "mass transit?....we don' need no steenkin' mass trasit!"

    florida (where i'm from) is the same. land of the pick up's and suv's.

    i grew up in nyc, and never owned a car. my sister who still lives there, is in her late 40's and she never even learned how to drive one. no need to

    i hate that my life has come to revolve (or is it evolve) around the automobile. (actually two of em, my wife needs one as well), without em, you ain't goin' nowhere.

    la got around to installing a subway/light rail line in the 80's and 90's, which prolly helped the mass transit sitch there. when i was living in the city of angels in the summer of 1980, i didn't have a car, and the bus system was atrocious. i resorted to hitch hiking, every wehre i needed to be. not quite sure if i would advocate doing much of that anymore.

    major cities never should have gotten rid of the trolly system that was in place from the turn of the century up to the end of the 40's. they really were a convenient way to get around without having to own your own (without having to own your own?, that sounds a tad wierd ) form of transit.
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    Originally posted by Porcelina
    oh, and, i don't own a car, but i always thought that saturn was independent, too... so much for a "different" kind of car, eh?
    well, it might be a different kind of car, just not a different kind of car company which is the other half of that sentence they use...
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    derek.... just wondering... how's the public transportation system in l.a.?
    good shot janson is right, i'm in texas, home of the dixie chicks and ann richards! jeditricks is our LA rep. he can comment on their transit system.

    the bigger cities in texas like dallas and houston have some mass transit. dallas has a light rail that runs in limited areas, and houston is building a train that runs from the astrodome to the new astros ball park. other than that, it's just metro buses, and living out in the 'burbs, they aren't much of a conveniance.

    plus, i like the music loud and A/C cold. :happy:

    another thing about texas: everything is really spread out. it would take forever to ride a bus around town.

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    Originally posted by Caesar
    jeez . . . then I'm glad she had the Celica.
    I hope there weren't any really serious injuries involved, either?
    My mom's fiance hit his head on the roof pretty hard, and they both had some minor neck injuries, but it could have been so much worse. Basically, they were sitting on the onramp to the freeway behind other cars (there's a light at this onramp) and this idiot behind them was looking at the police doing something up ahead instead of paying attention to the fact that there were stopped cars ahead of her. She never even stopped, hit the Supra so hard that it flew up and over into the right lane of the freeway which had moving traffic going at around 65 - from a dead stop with the clutch let out, my mom dropped the clutch when they landed and got out of the way of the flow of traffic without having the car stall out thus saving them from getting creamed. Dumb moron who hit them got out of her car and the first thing she said was "what were the police doing?"

    Originally posted by good shot jansen
    la got around to installing a subway/light rail line in the 80's and 90's, which prolly helped the mass transit sitch there.
    LA is one of the largest cities on the planet, geographically - it's 40 miles across just in the city and is interrupted by smaller cities, the county which is basically just an extension of the city is way larger. LA's mass transit system is a disaster: too many lines and few with a reasonable, logical route for the bus; the rail system is almost totally useless and costs the federal government $21 per rider per use to suppliment (whereas the bus costs the fed around $1 per rider per use); then there are other cities' bus systems which often require system transfers and scheduling conflitcs. The LA bus system is overcrowded and badly destroying our streets, the rail system is underused and a drain on tax dollars thanks to it going to very few areas people really need, and building it destroyed much of Hollywood's business thus increasing the crime problem. The building of the subway also destroyed part of the ground in a few areas and a public park, not to mention that the water table was threatened and most of the ground under LA has methane pockets which means explosions are a serious threat in some areas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by derek View Post
    well, after 8 great years and 278,000 miles, 2 wrecks, 6 blowouts, an $800 break job and a new $1,200 A/C, my 'ol saturn decided to head off to the car retirement home yesterday.
    Well, my situation wasn't quite as dire, but there were some similarities:
    8 years (and 1 1/2 months); only 44,000 miles; 0 wrecks; 0 blowouts; a $170 battery replacement; $52 to determine the conditions I reported "couldn't be replicated;" my ol' Saturn ION was led to the car retirement home today.

    Being that Saturn isn't a current company anymore, and that I couldn't keep my car outdoors anymore without weird things happening with the alarm, locks, and passenger doors (alternating between the front and rear ones) and cabin lights, plus odd key/ignition and battery issues, I decided that the cost of fixing it might not be better than buying a car from an actual existing company. With some good deals and offers, and firm haggling (plus an appointment to meet, making them work a bit quicker), I now own a 2013 Toyota Camry, in "Clearwater Blue" color. I like it. But I have a car payment again for the first time in about 4 years; that's not great but it's within my budget. I'll have to determine her name after I've driven the car for some time.
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    Toyota's are good cars. We have an 03 Corrolla that we've owned for about 6 years now and it still runs great. Its given us very little trouble plus the mileage is really good. My brother has a 07? Camry that he likes pretty well too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowtrooper View Post
    Toyota's are good cars.
    Agreed! I've owned one since...oh, before you were born. I currently drive a 2002 Highlander (77,000) miles, which includes three trips to the country's midsection and back with another trip planned beginning next week end. Nary a hiccup! My wife drives a 2010 Prius. That's our fifth Toyota we've owned: '79 Corolla, '84 Camry (replaced by the Highlander in 2002), '00 Sienna (which was totaled thanks to an uninsured driver) '02 Highlander, '10 Prius AND I forgot to mention the '07 Camry we purchased for our son who still drives it. We've found them to be extremely reliable; just like the local dealership.

    I hope you are as pleased as I have been, JT!
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