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    New Multi-Pack Figures Pictured

    Imperial Forces (with new R4-I9) and Ultimate Bounty (with new Aurra Sing Swoop Bike!). Check out the pictures from the home page!
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    Yeah saw these pics on Galactic Hunter a while ago, the auction prices suck but the pics are pretty nice. The Bounty set still feels a bit cheap since only the Swoop has new stuff to it, I would've liked Aurra to have better legs and her antenna, Boba to have his ROTJ paintjob, Bossk to use BoShek's body, and IG-88 to be the white version from Bespin.

    The Imperial set looks better and better each time, wish we had gotten packaged pics of the Hoth set too, just cause we'd get more pics of the actual figures. Overall I can't wait, glad these are just $20.
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    I that the SAGA Vader sculpt with a different hand/arm and a different cape. I don't completely recognize it?
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    It's the POTJ Darth Vader: Emperor's Wrath figure, molded in solid black plastic.

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    Well I'll be dipped. . . Jar Jar you are, it looks completely different that way! Very nice, very nice!


    I really like these packs, both of them. Neat idea Hasbro.
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    Meh, they look okay. The packaging is a little rough looking eh? Looks more like pre-packaged meat. I still think the Imperial set is a rip off if the bounty hunters come with a swoop and the rebels with a tauntaun. The imperials get a poxy cannon. A cannon we don't need seeing as the snowtrooper is coming with a better one anyway. Surely they could have shoved a blast apart probe droid in ther instead? that would have made the sets equal at least. So yeah the imperials will be a rip off compared to the other two sets.

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    The Idea of a blast apart probe droid would be exellent. Other than that they look pretty cool. How many sets are there besides these two?
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    I like the swoop, and all the others for that matter. Definetely going to have to pick these up. Does anyone know if the Bounty Hunter set is up for order yet on
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    Looking forward 2 buy both. Didn't buy the 300th Boba Fett when it came out so I'm more than pleased 2 see they're re-releasing it in that pack The swoop's details look pretty nice. And of course we all want those different little astromechs.

    Nice job Hasbro!
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    Looks cheap and recycled. None of the figures excite me, well maybe the black R4. The only plus side is a new swoop (and without a big missile). And its an exclusive for toy r us (I don't know why but I hate ordering from them online).
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