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    Question What do you think of Avril Lavigne?

    Well since my forum on T.A.T.U I can't get enough on people's opions on stuff like this,but enough on the 2 girls behind the fence and on to the girl in front of the fence Avril Lavigne.
    Shes got the looks and stamina to make this hutt head over heels. um... any way since I fist saw her, in her first video, I could've sworn I have meet her or see her befor turns out he just looks like my friend from school.any way shes got some good songs and ties? so what do you think?
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    Mtv picked her to pay tribute to Metallica.

    In my book, that's reason to hate.
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    avril lavigne is britney spears pretending to be a "punk"... silly little teeny bopper! sack of crap crap crap!

    in my humble opinion, of course!


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    She's cute, and her songs aren't bad......

    .....In My Pants!
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    Originally posted by JediBrian
    And she is very talented.
    in what sense? the girl can sing, sure, but she can't write lyrics to save her life... and the music is the same old pop that other singers have been producing for years (i swear it's one man who writes all these pop songs, they all sound so similar) i was writing better crap at 12 years old.... the only thing that's slightly "different" about her is her ties, and that ain't gonna keep her around long.... she'll last as long as the spice girls will, and then she'll die out like they did.... ahhhh... that gives me some comfort

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    Oh, please Porcelina, don't be crackin' on the talented lyrics, "He was a sk8er boi, she said see u l8r boi" i mean, we're both SP Fans, and we know Billy only WISHES he could've written something as powerful as that!!

    Don't like her music nor her lyrics, but as for liking....well.....hmmmmm, cheers!!
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    Hot. She is Hot.

    I enjoy her music as well, but she is Hot.
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    I dont hate her but i dont like her music either. I too think that she will get stuck being labeled a punk singer or whatever and youll see her try to change her image in the future like britney, christina, and that timberlake chump.
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    wow... it's so damn cold tonight...

    looking for an avatar, looking for a post...

    ..i know...

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    SHe has good music and cute.
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