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    Post Master of the Darkside

    Hey all I was wondering if anyone knows of a place or is planning on selling a Masters of the Darkside 2-Pack. It is really hard to find in CA. I fact I've never seen in any collectors store or store period. Let me know Thanks
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    Your best bet is E-bay, they go for anywhere between $25 to $35

    I'm in Southern CA and never saw it in any stores. About 3 months ago I got a MOMC set from E-bay for $30. I think it's the only place because many collector stors don't even sell SW, they en up with too many pegwarmers.
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    I was at a toy show today, and saw one of the sets you speak of. The case was a bit beat up, and I wasn't sure what condition you wanted it, so I took a pass.
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