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    Those have been going for under $25 on ebay actually.
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    GSJ: I may be wrong but it looks like the DV TIE Fighter is the smaller version. I'm not home to compare it so I'm just going by memory and so I may be wrong. If I am wrong, someone please let me know so I can take it.


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    You are right, S43, this is the smaller version of the DV tie.

    A real easy way to identify the small version is by looking at the front upper solar panel on the wing (doesn't matter left or right)(what I mean is the black grids, each wing has six of those separate black grids on it, three small ones on the front, three large ones on the back, the one to look for is the upper front one. I don't know how to explain it clearer than that).

    Anyway, if it is wider than it is high, it's the small version fo the DV Tie. If it is higher than it is wide, it's the large version.

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    I didn't want to create a new thread for this.....

    .....but I just received an e-mail from M&M Collectible Toys and the site is advertising SWMMs and SWAFs for sale. There are no prices shown, so I've e-mailed a request for a price list. If anyone else on this forum recv'd the same e-mail, then we know the seller mined our SSG profiles for sales leads. Otherwise, my addy may have been passed-on by the seller of my recently completed eBay transaction, I guess. Anyway, they had two custom SWAFs - a T-Wing and a Defender-Wing, which some of you may think are worth seeing. They also claim to have E-Wings and Tie Defenders for sale. Those are the ones I'm curious to know the asking price for.
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    M&M mines ebay, I'm quite sure of that. Also, whenever I mailed them with an interest towards an Action Fleet vehicle I wanted they were just out of stock. Of course I only wanted stuff like the variant green A-wing. I haven't tried them for the E-Wing or Tie-defender as I figured they won't have them anyway. I think they really have those up to get some email in and see who's responsive.

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    you are quite roght robert!

    i recognize that e-mail addy (toyhunter), everytime in the past, when i would lose an action fleet auction, i always seemed to get an e-mail from this guy touting the item that i had just been beaten out on (it's been awhile, but it always seemed to be for that dayum green a-wing varient that will continue to be my bane ) as i can see from your post robert, you're after the same thang!

    anyway, my recommendation, stay away from this low life. he's been a bottom feeder for some time now, preyin' on us po' micromachinist who unfortunately are prone to falling for this kind of scalper trash
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    Talking blackmail idea

    email said opportunistic scalper & tell him you're gonna report him to his isp And ebay for repeated, despite-your-warnings spamming unless he sells you green-VarianT awing for srp

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    I was able to pick up the green a-wing a couple of months ago in loose and (surprisingly) mint condition and complete with the figs, so I have it (I open up all my AF anyway for display) and don't need it anymore. When I browse ebay I still try and check out A-wings occasionally just to see if it ever turns up. If I see it I will let you know, GSJ.

    As for reporting to ISPs, I really don't see any use in that. The guy is doing nothing wrong anyway (at least not legally)

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    reply from M&M Collectibles....

    Here are the prices from Mark @ M&M collectiibles:
    A few of the ships aren't too badly priced, but for most of it,
    It's Scalper City, and He's the Mayor....

    Here are the prices on the items you asked about. I am low on some items so order soon.


    E-WING $110.00 rare
    Tie Defender $110.00 rare
    Rancor $40.00 rare
    Jawa sandcrawler $30.00 rare
    Incom T-16 Skyhopper $50.00
    KB Exclusive 2-pack Landspeeder & AT-ST $50.00
    Y-wing (yellow) $20.00
    A-wing (red) $20.00
    AT-AT $20.00
    Tie Interceptor $20.00
    Tie Bomber $20.00
    imperial shuttle Tydirium $20.00
    Rebel Snowspeeder $20.00
    Rebel Snowspeeder Rogue Two Colors $50.00
    Alpha AT-AT $12.00
    Alpha B-Wing $12.00
    Alpha Cloud Car $48.00 rare
    Alpha Imperial Shuttle $12.00
    Alpha Snowspeeder $12.00
    Alpha X-wing (Biggs Darklighter) $12.00
    Alpha Y-wing $50.00 rare
    Virago $65.00 rare
    A-wing $20.00
    A-wing Error $25.00
    B-wing $12.00
    Cloud Car $12.00
    Imprial Landing Craft $60.00
    Darth Vader's Tie Fighter $10.00
    Oversized Darth Vader's Tie Fighter $20.00 rare
    Luke's X-wing $10.00
    Millennium Falcon $75.00 rare
    Y-wing (Blue) $20.00
    Y-wing (red) (out of stock)
    Slave 1 $20.00
    Tie Fighter $12.00
    Wedge's X-wing $10.00
    Darth Vader's Electronic Flight Controller $20.00
    Tie Interceptor Electronic Flight Controller $40.00 rare
    X-wing Electronic Flight Controller $20.00
    Y-wing (yellow) Electronic Flight Controller $40.00 rare
    Custom Made T-WING $25.00 rare because I made it
    Custom Made Defender Wing $25.00 rare because I made it
    Royal Starship $60.00
    Trade Federation tank $80.00 rare
    Trade Federation Droid control ship $80.00 rare
    R/C Trade Federation Tank $40.00
    R/C Fambaa $40.00
    Alpha Royal Starship $70.00 rare
    Alpha Droid Fighter $70.00 rare
    Alpha Sith Infiltrator $70.00 rare
    Anakin's Podracer $20.00
    Naboo Fighter in american & Spanish & French Packaging $20.00
    Droid Fighter $20.00
    Flash Speeder $30.00
    Gungan Sub $50.00
    Landing Ship $50.00 rare
    Mar's Guos podracer $72.00 rare
    Republic Cruiser $20.00
    Republic Cruiser in american & Spanish & French Packaging $20.00
    Sebulba's Podracer $20.00
    Sebulba's Podracer in american & Spanish & French Packaging $20.00
    Naboo Die-Cast Model same size as the action fleet $18.00
    Ice Planet Hoth playset 1st Edition $18.00
    Battle Pack #5 $20.00
    Battle Pack #8 $20.00
    Battle Pack #10 $10.00

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    Re: I didn't want to create a new thread for this.....

    Originally posted by SWAFMAN
    ...If anyone else on this forum recv'd the same e-mail, then we know the seller mined our SSG profiles for sales leads.
    SSG profiles don't show email addys, they only offer a link to the SSG email page which emails the user via our SSG email system (when you get one this way, you will DEFINITELY know it - it mentions how SSG is not responsible for the email's content ). So unless you put your email addy in your bio or in a post, nobody can see users' email addys... except me, MWHA HA HA!!!

    This M&M guy seems to be a major scalper by those prices!
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