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    Arrow d&s toys has some star wars micro machines in stock

    they have ep. I mm packs 7, 8, and 9

    they have slave I die-cast (one of th tougher ones to get)

    they have droid control ship dog fight play set (the only way to get a mm droid fighter)

    they have pod race arena (the only way to get aldo beeders pod)

    as well as some other interesting stuff.

    they are a very reliable and fair on-line dealer for star wasr items.

    go visit them at

    also, if you let em know any special requests that you might have, they will e-mail you to let you know if and when they get it! that's how i got the tail end ep. I action fleet, sith infiltrator, droid control ship, royal starship, and att:happy:
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    over in the classified section

    this person is selling (among other things) a pod race arena for $4.00. as indicated in the above post, this is the only way to get aldo beeders pod.
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    Disingenuous charity

    I know that since the NYC tragedies of 9/11/01, there has been a large internet presence of WTC charity pleas and a great rallying to the cause, and I think it has been a faith-restorer in many cases.

    What sickens me is the way as time passes, more and more people are using it for profit. I know the human condition is the human condition, but yesterday in Borders, I saw a 2002 calendar of the twin towers, where one dollar is paid to the charity foundation...... one dollar? The calendars were priced at 8.99 = $12.78 (give or take 0.0039). I can't exactly get my head around this , particularly because I can't imagine anyone actually wanting a calendar of the WTC so soon after Sept, shouldn't this be a centuries thing? If someone is moved to donate, surely it would not require them to have something in return. The argument is to do with opinion in this case, but the next example is to do with morals.

    I got in my mailbox the other day, a message from TNC;

    This holiday season the most requested collectibles are by far patriotic in
    Since September 11th, young and old alike have found a new awareness for
    what makes
    this country great. And its the men and women in the services, civilian and
    that protect our freedoms and for this we are most grateful. Take a look at
    our selection
    of the most recognized services collectibles in GI Joe and Ultimate Soldier.
    These products have been selling very well the past month, so do not
    and order your holiday gifts today while supplies are available

    I reckoned there would be some kind of specifically produced figure, and although possibly morbid, I clicked on the link to find out.......the window opens and it's nothing but ordinary GI Joes....

    I was shocked and disgusted and removed myself from their info list. I think this unconscienable act of TNC should go to show all collectors what TNC seem to be about, and altho' not scalpers, I would class them in the same category as dogs are in the same category as curs, hounds and mutts.


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    Alot of people do that, it's cheap way to score sales and moola off of the people who died there. Not too mention hits on the site so their sponsors will be all nice and happy. Yep, that's what we need, an advertisment for something heroic that happened, and then the advertisment turns about to be for something like GI Joe with ultimate killing bazooka or something. They don't care, just as long as they make a profit from something.
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    Thumbs up i don't find such opportunism all that offensive. . .

    . . .as its VulgariTy actually seems kinda fitting, in light of the vulgar emotions & values upon which it attempts to Capitalize (capitalism & militarism may be the lesser of multiple evils, but they're also undeniably Vulgar :happy: tastefulness doesn't enter into business- that is, unless one's in the business of selling tastefulness Itself ).
    but if one really wants to contribute to charity, one should just do so directly. buying something in part cuz some of its proceeds go to charity, or attending a primarily social/entertainment function whose ostensible purpose is charity, are inefficient, self-congratulatorily, ostentatious, dishonest activities. donating to charity's like carrying out an assasination: it's best when it's done discreetly, efficiently & to-the-point
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    Exactly! Quite agree with your position on donating without the need for a function, keepsake or whatever, but are you propagating your own myth when you make statements that the vulgarity is fitting?

    It seems like sometimes you say things just to appear to be different.... It struck me as bad (to use a hopelessly inadequate word) that a capitalist/western approach was being used by TNC and altho' the attacks were borne out of hatred for capitalism, I wouldn't go as far as to infer that those that died or were affected by the events were involved in something 'fitting'.

    Perhaps we're suffering from overkill on this, is that possible? Don't you feel the emphasis of the tragedies have been overtaken by the dark clouds gathering in the Middle East - Jiddah, included ? Having said that - and thank the Gods the media has calmed down on showing the actual crashes - I don't think I'll ever be able to wipe from my memory the cold numb feeling in my stomach when I saw those people jumping.

    Anyway,I haven't had a reply from them yet (and don't expect them to) but will LYK if and when it comes.


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    jdah: "vulgarity is fitting?"

    -indeed; in some contexts it's not only fitting, it's exactly what's called for; '60s vogue editor diana vreeland famously remarked that a well-placed splash of vulgarity is often a perfect, enlivening finishing touch. and she wasn't just tawkin bout purely aesthetic matters either

    "seems like sometimes you say things just to appear to be different"
    -ooo, what a deliciously Vicious accusation my response: in this context as in most others, there ain't no diff between "appear" and "be" "tryina be different", "ever-cognizant of paradox"; po-Tay-to, po-Tah-to
    alas, i gotcher dark clouds right here

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    A-ha. VT is VT. Next time I read such tomfoolery, I shall do away with "appear", "seem" and "perhaps" - and any other conditionals - reaplcing them with "are", "are" and "is"

    Thanks for the Urlery, I didn't ken you and Swaffy frequented other Forums. I alo enjoyed posting in the Hump.


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    Question rose is rose? that's funny, i Too didn't know swaffy & i frequent other forums :eek:

    actually, for a while now ssg's pretty much been the exclusive provider of all your VaconTeur needs i no longer participate on fsm or the john barry egroup (quit the latter after their absorption by yahoo made re-registration problematic). i've checked in a few times on the forum for the new official mawsite but not often, as you can see
    btw, i re-edited my 1st post above cuz i was able to come up with a more apt analogy for charity than "children"
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    Smile dave and the boys seem to have some new shipments in!

    D & S Toys have a bunch of galoob stuff in stock, which some of you may wish to take a closer look at!

    dave roberts (the D in D & S) has always been a helpful, a1 online seller, so i recommend buying from them instead of ebay. i only have the wave three episode I action fleet, cause he sent me an e-mail letting me know he had em, before postin' em on his site! a great all around online toy store!

    some of the stuff in stock are;

    series alpha cloud car - $18.99

    chewbacca transforming head playset - $21.50

    what appears to be a large vaders tie in a gold labeled box - $17.50

    die cast radiant VII (republic cruiser) - $10.99

    die cast sebulbas pod racer - $3.99!

    they also have the three, 1, 2 , 3 gold plated mm sets for $35.00 apiece. i know that these things were available last year at big lots for $15.00 per, but considering that they originally were $100.00 apiece, as well as being limited, certain store exclusives, if you havn't picked em up yet, but wanted to, here's a good place to do it.

    as the gold plates are not toys, and definately fall under the showin' not playin' catagory, i personaly have no interest.

    check em out, they also carry a large selection of potwhatever stuff too.
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