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    anyone score the order 66 packs yet. They are supposed to be on the shelves on April 13th but other parts of the country have already found them via the dpci#. No luck for me yet.

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    I haven't seen them yet. Are they an exclusive or are they supposed to be at any store?

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    order 66 packs

    Targets only, just like last year.

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    scored the order 66 packs today at target on 132nd and maple. had to use the dpci #. 180th, crossroads, Papio, 168th and 132nd all had them in stock. happy hunting

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    new mission for anyone who accepts. I saw the new Dark knight deluxe Joker figure picture tonight and I would like it if someone finds it before me. He is in the purple suit with a giant Joker card. Thanks ahead of time.

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    whoa what happened here? I guess we are all in limbo till July 26th huh. I grabbed the Han/Protocol droid droid factory 2 pack from wal-mart thanks to the site-to-store feature on Very cool set, can't wait for the rest to come out.

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    Is it just slow or are we the only two people from Nebraska that check Sirsteve's on a regular basis?

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    If anyone starts to see the Wal-Mart exclusive comic two packs let me know.

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    snagged the Wal-mart comic packs and Droid factory sets at 180th and Center tonight, they had tons of all the sets.

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    Cool!! I don't live near Omaha but I will start keeping an eye out for them at my local Wal-Marts.


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