This thread is for collectors around the river cities (omaha, council bluffs) so that they can say where they got what and hopefully help other collectors in our neighborhood. I only know of two other forum members who are in Omaha so i doubt this thread will get many responses. I have a feeling that this thread will be mainly me saying where i got what but if youre a lurker please feel free to post. Today at the Walmart on Cornhusker road in Bellevue i was able to find the two library droids, tusken raider ambush, padme amidala factory chase, and a imperial officer with new head sculpt (blonde) There werent many left so if looking for them (first time i seen any of them in all of Omaha) i advise you go there as soon as possible. Well thats about it for right now but i will update as soon as i get anything new.