I went to the Mall of Bluffs today, Target didnt have anything special. So i went to the Council Bluffs TRU and i found the newest wave of figures. I didnt have much money on me so i was only going to pick two up and leave the rest, but my sister said as a Christmas present she would buy me as many of the figures as i wanted, so i picked up four of the 442nd Siege Battalion, four Fifth Fleet Security, R5-J2, one Clone Trooper Sergeant, one Super Battle Droid, and two packs of the Battle Droids. They had every other figure from that wave still there, but i didnt want those. I wont be able to get them until Christmas though, but its a relief knowing that ive got them, and so many of them, in one swoop. Now i just need to pick up three more of the Super Battle Droids, and two more packs of the Battle Driods, and i will be done with this wave.

Walmart in Bellevue had two AAT tanks, and one Hailfire Droid. I passed on them for now, i hope i dont end up regretting that in a couple of weeks.