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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    I'd definitely like a Zodak and Battle Fist if you can help me with 'em! I might want the Snake Men figures also, but I'd have to think about it a bit more. Drop me a line if you can help.

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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    I really wish I had a contact overseas. I really want SA He-Man and all the new figures that will come out. Not interested in resculpts though. Where is the word of the Collector's Club
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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    I just found out that there's a Mattel warehouse of some sort in San Bernardino, and I asked my wife to stop by and check out their store yesterday.

    Now I got me Rattlor and Coil-Crush Skeletor!!

    One really stupid question: why is Rattlor's name listed only as "The General" on the packaging? I know he's Rattlor, but if these had been distributed enough so that kids had any chance of finding them, how would they know?
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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    I have a Zodak and I think a KING HSSS that I could sell. Ill have to check on the second one though...
    I guess I'll post this, as well. Its one of my customs.
    Here are the others. and
    Since I wasn't going to the con I decided to make my own.

    I also picked up the Skeletor MICRO bust at media play, I like it!

    Also.. I think that Rattlor is "THE General" was because of some sort of copyright issues. I know it doesn't make sense, but the same goes for "Battle Fist" instead of Fisto. Mattle sux so its ok I guess.
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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    SA He-Man seems to be out in Canada too. Looks liek it may be a little easier for us to get him.
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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    What the hell?! What is this supposed to mean to us loyal fans do you all suppose? Imagine the uproar if, after having shown these beauties at the San Diego ComicCon, if Mattel were to announce that they'll only be available in Europe and Asia! Don't get me wrong - it's an amazing relief to actually see new He-Man figures (especially since there seems to be only one new He-Man in the assortment, and it's one we pretty much all want anyway), but what're the chances that any of us here in the US will ever see any of these at a decent price?! And why no official word either? Are Mattel just teasing us by showing us what could've been had they not had their heads up where the sun don't shine for the past two years? Is the line actually not dead as we've previously been told? Can someone who's actually at the show please ask for us?
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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    These new figures look amazing. I really hope that we are able to get them somehow. Maybe if the cases are mostly new figures it will be worth picking then up from the He-Store.

    Any one else think that sculpted hair She-Ra will be released to the public (well Europe anyway) and that the rooted hair version is the SDCC exclusive.
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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    That's exactly what I was thinking also. I remember that the sculpted hair version was supposed to be the SDCC exclusive, but that it was later changed to the rooted hair version. Possibly so that the one could be released to the general public (at least for Europe) while still maintaining the uniqueness of the exclusive version?

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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    My wife stopped by the very same Mattel warehouse store and this time came home with Zodak and Battle Fist[o]! (The store's hours suck, so there's no possible way for me to get there when they're open.)

    They are on the most damaged cards imaginable (I'm surprised the figures are in one piece), but they're mine now!

    (Don't worry, y'all. I've told her that I want all the new Snake Men figures for myself, but to pick up any extras she comes across. I know how tough these are going to be to find, and I'd hate for anyone to resort to eBay.)
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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    I'm with the sentiment that the two-ups are "what was going to be, but then we screwed up, BUT if you're really lucky we still might make them."
    Hordak was my fav so I have put my custom on the backburner.
    I will get she Ra if she is cheap, I'll see what the .org has rumored.
    I also like the Sorcoress a lot, but I also have a custom of her for the moment.
    To which I cannot currently find the link . . .

    But I really want a new toon acurate MOSS man, which should be taller than He-man!!
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