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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    I found it! Sorceress

    Oh, I also have a Zodak and Hsss for anyone who may be interested. Pm me.

    Has anyone picked up the MICRO statues, I got Skeletor and I like it.
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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    I said it before, and I'll say it again. Mattel hates the fans, and has no clue how to make them happy and run a successful toy line anywhere but into the ground. Now they're making a play to take over the He-Man.Org website, due to copyright issues. This was posted last night over at He-Man.Org by JVS3, aka Val Staples. Who currently owns the site and is the head of MVCreations, writer of the Masters of the Universe Comic. He's also one of the guys primarily responsible for bringing Masters of the Universe back from the dead.
    It's come to my attention that Mattel may absorb
    It's actually something that Mattel has pushed on us for over a year now, but has never really acted on it.
    Still, lately, I fear the worst.

    It could be in their right to own, as the name He-Man is a federally owned trademark of Mattel's.
    I'm not sure where we stand legally since we've had this site in operation for many a year.
    It's not Mattel just owning the domain name that troubles me.
    What worries me is that, if Mattel owned, they would slowly tighten their grip on the site content itself until it's become part of their company and devoid of fan control/input.

    They claim this won't happen, but given everything I've seen over the past two years, I don't trust a lot of what I'm told any more.

    We've all fought hard for MOTU.
    This site was one of the biggest catalysts for the rebirth of MOTU.
    It's the largest site for information and news on MOTU.
    And I think the only reason Mattel probably hasn't come in and forced it away from us is because they are scared of how fans will react.

    I've stood by Mattel through a lot of things I don't necessarily agree with.
    But please remember, there are a lot of good people at Mattel who fight for the fans and
    So cursing the company as a whole is wrong, because we blame everyone in the process... even those who are fighting the good fight.

    But it's the few people there that make the less-than-popular decisions that worry me. And it's only a few, but that's all it takes.

    If it comes down to it, I'd rather move to a new domain rather than have a bunch of suits come in and take away what is an important part of many of our lives.
    This is not only a MOTU resource, but a strong community where we all feel at home regardless of how long you've been here or how passionate of a fan you may be.

    It sickens me... thinking of abandoning the name
    It's a recognizable name across the globe, even branded on shirts that many of you wear (and I thank you all for making those shirts a reality)
    But if worse came to worst, I won't let Mattel take over this site.

    I've seen Mattel ignore input (fans, creators, etc) in favor of some bad internal ideas.
    I've watching horrible case ratios clog the pegs.
    I've endured Mattel's calls on less-than-spectacular non-Four Horsemen toy designs.
    I've witnessed bad time slots and presentation for the cartoon.
    Some of which could be stopped, some of which was uncontrolable.
    And now, I'm fighting to keep the comic alive for the fans despite regulations that have made it almost impossible to maintain sales in this competitive comic industry.

    And despite it all, like many of you, I still fight for this brand.
    I don't want it to end, even though I've been holding onto the crap end of a stick for longer than I would for anything else in this world.

    So my question to everyone here:
    Should we move to a new domain, free from any potential assault from Mattel Legal?

    I hate having to post this.
    But I can't stand by and watch yet another possible insult handed out to all of us.

    I encourage every fan who attends Wizard World Chicago to stop by Mattel and TELL them how you feel..
    About how they've handled the toys
    About what you've seen with the cartoon
    About what you want to see done with the comic
    And how you feel about

    Be it good, bad, or a mixture, tell them how you feel....please...

    Thanks everyone.
    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    Oh my . . .
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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    It's too bad we couldn't all get together and stage some kind of corporate coup to get rid of the fool in charge over at Mattel. Things would be so much better. The whole point of their operation is to make money. The answers about the means to make that money are so plain for us all to see, and yet the guys in charge over there seem utterly incapable of seeing it. And they went to school and got degrees for this kind of stuff!!! I swear I could do easily twice as good a job for half the pay...


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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    Its terrible what they are doing.
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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    I haven't seen a new MOTU figure here in town for over a year, which is sad because I liked the new line. I think the last figure I got was last summer. Man Omaha sucks for collecting figures.
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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    Where do you hunt mofo?
    Good Traders/Sellers: Cameo, Darth Cruel, Sith Killer 99, JJReason, icatch9, ChasingJediDogma, AT-AT Man, JediMasterGuyute, Brainiak76, JangoFett96, njscollectibles, Vulcantouch, AC Pin, TheDarthVader, msjedi, DarthQuack, Roojay

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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    For anyone that needs a She-Ra, they are available from the He-Store for 20.00.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Re: Masters of the Universe figures

    Fred's,a chain mostly in the South,has gotten in the Snake Men heroes,in case you missed them at Aldis. Word has it,both Snake Men heroes and villians are at Burlington Coat.

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    I didn't see this coming!

    Mattel will be attending the New York Comic Con and they will be debuting their new Masters of the Universe toys!

    This is from the schedule of panels for the New York Comic Con:

    Saturday: 2:00-3:00 – Masters of the Universe DVD release! At long last the popular 2002 MOTU animated series is out on DVD! Come help celebrate this release with a special screening of episode 35 –The Power of Grayskull and learn the secret origin of the most Powerful Man in the Universe- HE-MAN!
    PLUS- the world premier of brand new MOTU toy news- revealed here for the very first time! Q&A with Mattel toy designers to follow. will be there to bring you the latest news and pictures!
    I wonder if new episodes, even if direct to DVD, would be too much to hope for?
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