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    Hmm. If the networks are dropping their kids' programming (this would be, what, the third time in the last decade?), then Cartoon Network could be more competitive than it was in 2002.
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    I can't believe I got pwned by some dude sporting a "Stan Lee as the Punisher" avatar.

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    You referring to me?

    In what way did I pwn you? I merely pwned DarthQuack.
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    Oh, God. I may be premature in saying so, but this does not bode well.
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    What's wrong with Vintage???? I'd love to see another vintage line make it's return :P
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Here's the first picture up.....King Grayskull it is!
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthQuack View Post
    Here's the first picture up.....King Grayskull it is!
    Wow, figure looks great. Maybe they won't kill the line out of the gate this time.

    There's also going to be a varaint of it... that looks like a statue.

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    Whew! The vintage He-Man with recolored vintage Zodak armor scared the hell out of me. That King Greyskull looks much better, even if I don't remember him at all.

    Looks like he's from one of the few episodes of the new series I've not seen yet. And he has the "we're scared people will think He-Man is a Nazi" asterix logo. This does bode very well indeed.

    So, what is the funky vintage He-Man, then?
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    Here's the full news on the return of Masters of the Universe...
    2008 NYCC - He-Man (Updated w/Images)
    by James in Mattel at 04:17 PM on 2008.04.19

    Scott Knightlich, a production manager with Mattel, lead the He-Man panel at the New York Comic Con today. The presentation served a two-fold purpose. First was to showcase the upcoming release of the DVD for volume three of the 2002 Masters of the Universe cartoon that was shown on Cartoon Network.

    The first volume of the series is currently available. Volume two is set to be released in May of this year. The third volume featuring the final episodes of the series is due in July, 2008.

    Mattel has had discussions about finishing the main story line of that series in some other format, such as a DVD release or perhaps a comic book. The collector fan base of that series is large and loyal, but the cartoon never really found a broad juvenile market so Mattel was not able to continue it.

    The upcoming live action He-Man movie is still in the script development stage so there is no announcement about that.

    The new MOTU toy line that was announced at SDCC last year will be independent of the movie and any possible new cartoon. The line is called Masters of the Universe Classics. The first wave will be released in the Fall of 2008. No specifics were mentioned as to the character assortment of that first wave. It would be hard to imagine a He-Man line without He-Man, though.

    Before that line actually hits retail, there will be a figure available as an exclusive for the San Diego Comic Con this summer. That figure is . . King Grayskull. There will also be a variant of Grayskull as a statue, the form Prince Adam first saw him in.

    The entire He-Man universe is open to character selection with a few exceptions. The only figures Mattel can't produce are any that were original and exclusive to the Filmation cartoon. As long as a Filmation created character was also used in some other medium, Mattel has the rights to make a new figure from it. Let Orko fans rejoice.

    This new line is aimed at collectors, though it will have wide distribution. There are no action features. There are no plans at this point for vehicles or playsets. Those would depend on fan response. Since there is no movie or TV show support to draw attention to the line, it will be completely fan driven. Where it goes depends on retail sales.

    For those who enjoyed the old mini-comics that came with the original figures, Mattel is considering releasing those in trade paperback form.

    The new figures are designed by the Four Horsemen and are in scale with the other line they are designing for Mattel, DC Universe Classics.

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Looks like Steve pulled it, could be a mistake or something.

    Anyway, more shots of King Grayskull, looks unfortunately like this doesn't bode anything, it's an SDCC exclusive:

    Seems like they are going straight for the DC Universe philosophy of design this time.
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