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    I love most the figures in this line. Hordak is my fav so far!
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    Did anyone happen to get the Secret of the Sword DVD? I'm looking for the variant that was sold at can't freaking find my damn copy of it.
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    Ordered 2 of the Man-at-Arms figures...hopefully will be able to trade one for a Hordak
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    Anyone going to be able to snag me a He-Ro figure at the He-Man booth at SDCC?
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    I take it no one is going to do the subscription deal?

    It doesn't really seem worth it as you'd still have to go to every month for the bonus figures, many of which may be more popular and desirable than the "regular" figures.

    I wasn't really going to collect the line - I only have Skeletor and missed out on Hordak, but I figure with a movie on the horizon and the obligatory toy line in support of it, I'll probably be better off with Classics figures. Who knows how the movie designs will turn out? Accelerator suit He-Man on robot Battle Cat fighting against Skeletor in movie Megatron styled armor???

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    I did one subscription for the end of this year. And two for next year. Some Bonus figures I'm sure I can live without.

    Frigin Bran, I might have an extra Hordak. You can PM if you want.
    I also have an extra He-ro
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    I had wanted to get into this line so bad, the figures all look great, but I just can't do it. I had even gotten two Man-at-Arms figures, but ended up just selling them. Just can't see myself dropping $20 a figure every month which doesn't sound like a lot, but is when I need to pay off some CC debt.
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    I ordered Webstor this morning with seemingly little site traffic. Looks like the subscription program is helping to minimize that.

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    I ordered a sub so I wouldn't have to deal. And luckily I'm on vacation this week and didn't even remember that he went on sale!
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    I broke down and picked up Webstor based on the fact that with He-Man and Skeletor getting a re-release that I will hopefully be able to take advantage of. That, and he was always one of my favorites. Now if I only I could be sure they were planning on re-releasing all the rest that I missed out on...


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