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    I got my order in for Teela this morning.

    I've been reading a few reports from collectors who subscribed and yet got their credit cards denied by Digital River today. Hopefully no one here was affected by that? Still, it just seems like Mattel can't do anything right these days.

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    My order went through okay. Man, do they really have to list so many items for order at the same time? I'm getting Teela, Zodac, and Ghostbusters Ray (for myself and for my co-worker's son!) That's eighty bucks right there! I just had to take the chance that the MM Gotham Thug Joker won't sell out by next week when I get paid again, or else I'll just have to do without. It's also unfortunately (?) helped me decide not to bother trying to collect the twelve inch Ghostbusters!

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    Teela and Zodak are still available as of Sunday night!

    I thought there was supposed to be a great demand at least for Teela so maybe Mattel increased production numbers? Could it actually be???

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    My order still has not shipped out and judging by comments on other boards, Mattel has quite the fiasco on their hands, even by their standards. It looks like some non subscribers' figures shipped before subscribers and once they realized this, they stopped fulfilling non subscribers' orders which would explain why my order has been "in process" for a few days now.

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    I got Adora and Battle Armor He-Man in the mail today! Actually just a few minutes ago as the UPS delivery person arrived much later than normal.

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    Got mine today as well, along with Beast Man. Now, I'm just missing 4 figures: Mer Man, Stratos, Hordak, and Faker. The rereleases are helping get the figures that Mattel's website's previous ineptitudes had prevented me from acquiring. I'd prefer Mattel to combine the Club Eternia figure's shipping with my other monthly figure order. It would save on costs both ways.

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    I would have enjoyed getting into this line more if they weren't so expensive! Although I guess just 20 bucks a month isn't that bad to spend.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Couldn't have been more than forty nine hours from the moment I ordered Skeletor unitl he was in my hands! I know Mattel has had some issues with the Mattycollector site, but they seem to be really on the ball when it comes to shipping things out in a timely manner - at least as far as us folks who decided to forgo the subscription service go.

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    Any thoughts on the figures shown at TF? I don't have a clue who the two 12 inch figures are.....I guess they were on the table back in the day.....I don't really care for those....but Battle Cat comes out tomorrow at noon and he does look pretty slick.....
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    I've never seen that episode of Robot Chicken so the Mo-larr set doesn't hold much appeal for me.

    I do want She-Ra but am not sure about the other figures shown at Toy Fair. I do plan to get that TRU He-Man/Superman pack though.

    Good luck everyone with Battle Cat tomorrow!


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