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    Received Evil Lyn and Wundar today. At least Mattel ships quickly.

    Other than that, STOP BEATING THE DEAD HORSE!!! Digital River is terrible! Once someone has an item in the cart and is checking out, don't give that product to someone else. I had the Weapons Pack in my cart, was selecting shipping address, and hit submit. It came back after a few moments asking me to remove the item because it was now sold out. Luckily, I got Hordak, which I had missed. I dread the sales for Tytus and Keldor.

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    I got my Hordak today. Despite the lack of any cushioning aside from the white shipper box, it came in excellent condition.

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    Got Hordak today also. Now I'm just missing Faker and Merman from last year's figures, Battle Cat from this year, and soon to be missing Tytus and Keldor.

    All of this "missing figures" stuff is likely to be a moot point once the figures are mass released during a movie year.

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    If anyone wants to buy off mine, I'm gonna sell all of mine off....I'll put up a list later.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    If any one is attending the comic con this year and they are going to buy some of the exclusives, if some one could pick up the orko pack for me i will pay you handsomly!!!!

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    Yeah, Tytus, Keldor & Adam/Orko are gonna be brutal. Here's hoping the sub is all inclusive next year. (I think it is)
    Hating aurra sing since 1999.

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    Got Evil Lyn and Wundar today. Fastest yet.
    Hating aurra sing since 1999.

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    Received Optik yesterday. I suspect he's the least sought after of the figures released so far. That will make getting Tytus even more difficult on Monday morning.

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    The Tytus sale was the usual Digital River flash flood. I was at least able to get Merman. So now I'm waiting for both the Battle Cat and Tytus rereleases.

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    Ordering from work seems to be the way to go, and it looks like connection speed makes a big difference when it comes to these things. We got a rockin' connection at work, and I've seldom experienced a problem ordering everything I've wanted from Matty. Really sucks that it should be that way, though.


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