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    I received She-Ra yesterday, but still needed to go to Mattel's site for the Faker reissue, Lobo (grossly overpriced), the Walmart Exclusive DCUC Wave 5, AND the monthly and typical Matty/Digital River debacle - this time for Keldor. At 3 different points, I had them all in my cart and got all the way to the "processing your payment" screen only to have to begin again. The 4th time I loaded the cart, Keldor was gone. Matty does care, I'm sure, about their business. The extent that they care is in question. The world's largest toy company and they can't figure out how to do efficient, effective, consistent business online?

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    Today was a debacle for me. I only wanted She-Ra and JLU Lobo. Got both into the cart despite a lot of White Screens of Death. Got stopped when trying to process the order, meanwhile She-Ra sold out.

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    Yeah, I'm going to have to take back whatever nice things I may have said about Mattel in the past. Today for the first time, I experienced all the garbage I'm always hearing others complain about. Took thirty minutes for my order to finally get through, and by that time She-Ra and Keldor were already sold out. The process was started promptly at 9am, and my order was placed from work were we have an extremely fast internet connection. It really does feel like Mattel does not want my money, which is incredibly confusing and frustrating to me. It is, afterall, exactly why they are in business. It remains incredibly clear that Digital River is woefully inadequate for handling this process, and that Mattel simply is not making enough product to meet demand. It also really does not help that so many items are made available for order on the same day, forcing many consumers to have to pick and choose which items they must have, and which they must decide to let go, rather than making sure everyone who wants a product has ample time and opportunity to make their purchase. You've either got to have all the money for every item available at once, or you have to just stand by and watch as it sells out within minutes. I suspect that this has a lot to do with why the DCUC sets don't seem to sell out as quickly - each set represents are large cost, and it's much easier for people to decide to try and wait that one out while they try and generate more funds and simply go for the less expensive items that they know are going to sell out if they don't act immediately.

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    ^That and the $$$ for each figure made me stop collecting and sell off my collection of's just ridiculous that Mattel lets this happen...Not that Digital River is helping at all either....just a train wreck all around.
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    I didn't have a prob, but I did stare at the WSOD forever. Eventually it all turned out. My Sub she-ra has already arrived. I love her.
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    The Dolph Lungren [sp?] (and so was Courtney preCox-Arquette) movie was on this weekend. Will that boost sales?
    I predict that the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film will include the word "and." Multiple times.

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    Thanks to preordering, I was able to secure the Orko and Molarr SDCC exclusives. I'll truly believe it when I have them in hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
    Thanks to preordering, I was able to secure the Orko and Molarr SDCC exclusives. I'll truly believe it when I have them in hand.
    Good for you bud...I just happened to go on the site at that time and had no idea there was a sale and was greeted with the lovely white-screen-of-death.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    I didn't want Mo-larr, just went for Orko/Adam and miraculously, my order went through.

    I won't miss standing in line for 2 and a half hours, plus getting kicked out of line by the fire marshals again and again.

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    It's funny, I think. I was looking at preview pics of Comic-Con Adam and Orko, and the site had comparison pics with the same characters from the 2002 MOTU line. It's the opposite of most of that otheR Site's comparison pics of Star Wars figures--the older ones looked much better, IMHO, than these "25-year-old figures with more joints" MOTU Classics.

    I mean, I know I've said before that I'm not collecting them and don't care for them and all, but looking at actual comparison pics just drove it home.
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