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    Are they going to do any more of the miniatures? A friend of mines brother loves them (he's got the first seven already). I had a little bit of fun with MOTU when I was a child. It's great to see them in the aisles again. It takes me back to my childhood to see the figures hanging up there.

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    Miniatures? You mean those little 2 inch figures right?
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    Quick question: Is Merman still at retail? I have seen all of the new figs but not him.
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    I don't think the Miniatures sold that well. My Targets had to clearence them to get rid of them. So I don't think it's likely.

    I don't think that MerMan is at retail anymore. Same with Stratos or Man-at-Arms. But you never know.

    BTW, I saw the new HeMan at Wal-Mart the other day. No sign of Prince Adam or Buzz Off.
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    Buzzy isn't out yet. The new wave is Adam, Psy-Klone, and Martial Arts He-Man. The new Man-At-Arms (Power Gauntlet?) is listed on the cardback, too, but I don't think he's in the same case assortment. I can't imagine I could find Adam and Psy-Klone, but someone would've snatched up a rehash figure.
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    In the past week, I've seen Martial Arts He-Man and Orko and Mekaneck (first times I've seen them in person). Unfortunately, I didn't want any of them so it's continuing to be a VERY long time between MOTU purchases for me which is a bit of a downer. This line has really been a disappointment in terms of how the toy industry in general has shifted their thinking from long-term to short-term lines, I only hope Mattel finds a way to get more figures out there that aren't He-Man & Skeletor variations.
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    Funny you should say that. I feel the total opposite about the MOTU line. I can't wait for the new ones to come out and am excited and love the line. It's Star Wars that has become a total downer for me.
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    I swear I'm not trying to flaunt my recent luck in MOTU finds, but I scored the chase Orko (with silver staff and red "magic" effects). Any other character I probably would've passed on, but Orko is one of my all-time favorites. Not that I plan to part with him (sorry), but does anyone know how rare this fellow is, or roughly how much he's going for on the secondary market?
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    There's been a dearth of figures of ANY kind. You'd think with us collecting multiple toylines, we'd be able to find the occasional figure from something, but with me ALL THE TIME it's bobkes, no matter what I'm searching for. It's maddening that I should have such a frustrating hobby. Most people choose a hobby that relaxes them. Not one that breeds more worry lines and ulcers.
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