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    I see what you mean, and I couldn't agree more.

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    I was going to just add this thought to my previous post, but since there's a response already, I'll make it a separate thought.

    I am probably the only adult collector who bought cross-chest He-Man, plain-jane He-Man, Deluxe He-Man, Samurai He-Man, Jungle He-Man, Martial Arts He-Man, Smash Blade He-Man, Prince Adam, plain-jane Skeletor, Deluxe Skeletor, Spin-Blade Skeletor, and Samurai Skeletor, and will hopefully be buying Keldor soon.

    And I'm sick of it. Deluxe and Jungle Attack I bought early on, before I knew what a problem the resculpting would be. The Samurais I bought because they looked pretty wicked, and I actually preferred the color scheme on Smash-Blade and Spin-Blade to the original Skeletor and He-Man. Martial Arts He-Man I bought entirely for Moss Man (though he turned out to be a pleasant surprise).

    The new and overpriced "stupid animal armor" two-pack at TRU looks moronic, and so does Fire Armor Skeletor. And I can't count the number of resculpts coming out in the next year. But, like many other collectors (I'd imagine), I would snatch up all the resculpts if they weren't so frequent!

    The case assortment I proposed above includes one He-Man per heroes case and one Skeletor per villains case. Resculpts should be released for two or three waves before being retired (if, in fact, any ever are retired).

    Also, one thing that bugs me is the lack of certain characters. If little Billy just found out about MOTU yesterday and his favorite character is Man-At-Arms, he has no option currently (aside from the Samurai figure). Or how often do you see Teela or Orko on shelves for more than a minute? From what I've heard in stores and from kids I know, those are two of the most wanted characters by the younger set. And yet they're hard to find. Curious.
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    Hey! Just a quick thing, we saw Whiplash at our local comic book shop the other day. I feebed out and didn't grab it before wandering around, so someone else got it ... but he is out there. The guy that bought it had a whole set of figures, so it may have included any other new ones. BTW, Whiplash looks great ... I'm (and my son is) really regretting missing out on him.

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    Saw Inferno Armor Skeletor at Target this morning (must've just missed out on those Whiplash, Two-Bad, and Evil Lynn figures), but didn't have any cash on me. Would've preferred to hold out fot the new characters first anyway.

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    I'm not going to buy any new Heman or Skeletor figures. I already have the 1st ones. They are cool and I'm happy with them. It seems a waste to keep making Heman w/ scuba gear and Skeletor w/ missle mountain destroying action.
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    There are a lot of Inferno Skeletors popping up at Targets in SoCal, so that means there are Whiplashes and Two-Bads out there, too.
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    I just started collecting the 2002/03 He Man figures. I've been lucky to find Wave 1 He Man & Skeletor, but can't seem to find any of the other figures from the 1st wave.

    I was wondering where you all can recommend online that has reasonable prices on these figures posted below. Any help would be great!

    Wave One Heroic Warriors
    Man At Arms

    Wave One Evil Warriors

    Wave Two Heroic Warriors
    Ram Man

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    I saw Ram Man at TRU a few days ago. Unfortunatly, Stratos, Beastman, and Man At Arms are gonna be a little more difficult. has decent prices on items. Sometimes older figures show up. I'd keep checking there.

    HEY! I picked up Prince Adam and Cyclone at Wal-Mart this morning. No sign of Whiplash or Two-Bad yet.
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    Yep, definitely a flamer...


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