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    For anyone else who was hoping for more info on this - The new He-Man armor is actually a new figure for next year named 'Snake Armor He-Man'. Rather than being a permanent new look for He-Man, this is actually another He-Man variation figure similar to the Jungle Attack, Martial Arts, and Ice Armor He-Man figures. It's actually pretty cool in my opinion - very interesting looking, very much in keeping with the character and feel of He-Man and certainly much preferrable to a simple repaint of the standard He-Man figure like Smash Blade He-Man.
    The reason for the Snake Armor is to better equip He-Man for battling the Snake Men, who, according to Mattel, are going to be a major focus in both the toy line and the second season of the animated series for next year. Storywise, the armor equates to the idea that "the power of Grayskull protects and prepares He-Man." Thus, with King Hiss and the Snake Men coming - the old furry loin cloth and metal straps simply won't do; He-Man is going to need better protection than that, and the 'power of Grayskull' decides to give him an armor upgrade.
    I can't wait! Here's a pic for those of you unable to get old of the recent Toyfare magazine:

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    Not bad, but not quite He-man enough for my tastes. The sword seems pretty neat, though I hope Mattel makes it a little stiffer, you can see it's bending at the handle.
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    Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that I found an apparently previously unannounced (to my knowledge, at least) second series of mini Masters figures at a local Dollar Tree store, of all places. I will post pics as soon as I can. The series consists of Jungle Attack He-Man, Snake Armor Skeletor, Teela, Orko, Trap Jaw and Tri-Klops. There were tons of them at the dollar store, although I have a feeling that they may not have been produced in very large numbers; at least not in numbers nearly as large as the first series. Having had only four bucks and some change in cash on me, I bought all but the He-Man and Skeletor figures, though I plan on going back for them tomorrow. Anybody else heard of, or seen these?

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    I've been out of the collecting loop for a few months so I have a question that was more then likely answered ages ago but here it goes.... are there variations of Evil Lyn????

    I just got Whiplash, Two-Bad, Buzz off and finally a Mekanek last night. I dig the Whiplash figure.
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    As far as I know, there is no variation of Evil Lyn. I don't even believe she is shipping yet. She's gonna be the late addition to the case, like Mekanek was of the last one. There is a color variant of Whiplash. And there will be a variant Buzz-Off with a smile painted on.

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    Buzz Off is one I'm really looking forward to. He was my favorite as a kid. But I didn't know he was shipping yet.

    Evil Lyn looks cool!
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    Well, I finally found Prince Adam. It feels great actually finding something.
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    Somehow along the way I forgot to mention that I also found Prince Adam (there were lots of him at several different stores; are we perhaps seeing the end to Mattel's distribution problem?) and Whiplash. I found them on the same day as the mini figures - Friday the 13th! The same day I also finally found Barriss Offee, Ayla Secura, and Yoda and Chian! Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky?!

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    Anyone read the July issue of ToyFare? It lists a bunch of convention exclusives and one of the exclusive figures is none other than KELDOR. According to the article, has 3 faces: Keldor, melted faced Keldor, and Skeletor. Too bad I don't have a scanner, 'cause it has a pic of the melted faced Keldor and it looks cool!
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    I found Whiplash and Two Bad today, at Target in Woodhaven Mi, and Taylor Mi. Just thought id let anyone who reads this know.
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