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    My friend's fiance found TWO Evil-Lyns and a Roboto down in Georgia last week while she was on a business trip. So that's the end of the line for me. No Zodak, no Fisto (c'mon people, that's who it is...) and no Roboto for me.

    I've come to think of the Batman and MOTU lines as synonomous since Mattel is shmucking both of them up with the same incompetence. It's Marvel Legends and Muppets for me now. If Toybiz or Palisades were given the DC license, I would be a happy happy hunter.
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    To look on the brighter side. ebay prices for Roboto and evil Lyn have dropped to like 8 bucks.. plus shipping of course.
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    has anyone even seen the snakemen line in a store?

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    I haven't seen any snakemen in the stores. Actually it is getting hard to find MOTU in stores at all.
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    I got extremely lucky yesterday and happened to find a Roboto at a nearby KB. I never imagined I would ever be so lucky to own one, and especially not to find one for less than retail; He-Man figures are only five bucks at KB right now! I think I'll play the lottery this week...

    I have seen one Snake Men figure (Venom Spitting Khan) at a local comic shop for an outrageous price. If the line's continued existence is dependent upon sales of these guys...then we're in trouble. We can't buy 'em if we can't find 'em. Unless of course, there are so few of them out there that they've already sold out. I which case we've already won!

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    The Snake Men figures were available through KEBco within the past week. I think they were 8.99 each. Maybe Mattel has already started the move to the online retailers with these, as there haven't been very many posts about them getting to retail.

    I watched this line for the entire time, humming and hawing over certain figures. Well I finally broke down and bought the first version of He-Man; I found one at my TRU that had the (what I believe is the) original, 4 bladed emblem on his chest as opposed to the modified 6 bladed one. 6.86 it cost me on clearance, down from 12.99. I wasn't very impressed, the figure doesn't have very much (read not very much AT ALL) in terms of articulation. I don't know what I was expecting, but compared to my Toy Biz figures of similar size this guy is lacking. Looks nice on display, but that's about it. Might grab a Fire Armor Skeletor to go with him if they're still on sale at Zellers when I get in there next time.

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    I found an Evil Lyn for the first time today at KB. Granted I had already traded for one. But it was still a nice feeling. I have seen the snakemen a couple times. I picked mine up at Aldi before xmas, and they haven't gotten any in since. So now I'm only lacking Zodac and Kobra Kahn.
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    Welp, it's official. He-Man as a toyline is pretty much dead in the US. It sounds like it will continue overseas though. Which screws a lot of fans. Also, the Comic Con exclusive has been revealed. She-Ra. Here's the news and a rough mock-up, straight from Mattel, via
    Mattel PR and 2004 Con Exclusive!

    Fans had a lot of questions to ask in round 9.0 of WFWTK. But because so many were very specific questions, especially in terms of new figures, Mattel has touched base on almost all fan concerns with a summary of events. Here is what they had to say:

    "We're sad to report that Masters is no longer at US mass retailers. It's definitely not due to Mattel's lack of interest, but because of lackluster sales that led to no support in Spring 2004.

    The new line of Snake Men are currently being distributed through websites, magazines, and specialty retail stores. This will continue to be the case in the future for US sales.

    The future of the cartoon will be determined at a later date. Ratings were average in the US. However the show continues to do extremely well internationally.

    We are still working through the details on DVDs. Whatever cartoons are released via DVD would be packaged as sets in the US. That's all we can say at the moment. International fans should not be discouraged by this.

    There is still full support for the international market. It is unfortunate how Masters has performed in the US. But as long as international sales continue as they are, we will continue the line internationally. We are even getting ready to shoot commercials for Spitbull and the Mecha Crunch Action figures.

    Toys that have only been released internationally will probably not make it to the US. But you never know what can be imported by various retailers.

    And there is still hope for US fans. We have a number of figures sculpted that have never seen the shelves. Snake Armor He-man is one example. If the interest continues to grow, we may be able to ship them to US specialty retailers interested in carrying the line. There are a number of figures from the Four Horsemen that have never been seen that we would love to see produced and in the hands of fans across the globe."

    So there you have it!
    Mattel has been keeping an eye on fans and have listened to phone calls, to e-mails, and the petition. They definitely want to keep Masters going.

    International fans have a lot to cheer for!
    And for US fans, stores (including the He-Store) can all pool together to import figures from Europe or other countries. And if we continue to voice our support, maybe nothing will have to be imported at all. But it all depends on getting the word out and making sure all fans stand up and shout!

    Make sure you spread the word about the petition.
    And make sure you call and e-mail Mattel to show your support!
    International Mattel Offices - Phone & Address Contact Info
    USA Mattel Offices - Phone Contact Info
    USA Mattel E-Mail Feedback Form
    It DOES make a difference.

    But what about this year's convention exclusive?
    A lot of fans will jump for joy!...
    Check out this rough color mockup over the current Four Horsemen sculpt!

    Yes, it borrows from the Teela figure, and the colors overlayed are a bit rough around the edges (especially on the face).
    But in true Four Horsemen style, it looks incredible!
    We can't wait to see the final version!

    Now, don't go spreading rumors about She-Ra coming to the cartoon, or a new Princess of Power toy line.

    This is only She-Ra as a figure, and that's it. Will there be more? Well, you need to let Mattel know if you want more.

    Also, we're sure some of you felt your heart sink because it's a con exclusive.
    But all we'll say is don't let the fact that it's a con exclusive discourage you.
    Mattel has told us that they are upping production numbers for She-Ra in light of last year's demand for Keldor.

    She-Ra will be available at Wizard World Chicago and the San Diego International Comic Con... and anywhere else? Well, maybe! But we suggest considering coming to a show to get yours!

    Mattel will be there, the Four Horsemen will be there, MVCreations will be there, and more!

    There's a lot to see and do and people to meet, all in addition to getting She-Ra!...a figure many of us have asked for year after year!

    We know we can't wait for summer of 2004!

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    First off, let's hope they keep working on that She-ra, yucko! And too much poor photoshop as well.

    Mattel is an idiot for cutting the US totally out of the mix, instead of doing weak sales and rebuilding a customer base, they're going to alienate their retail partners and customers altogether, what a brilliant plan.
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    Bad news and just mor ebad news. Why not at least start up the collectors club that they talked about to get the figures to us. I want She-Ra, but once again cant get across the country to get to the cons, why can tthey have it in NY too?
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