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    The WSOD was dealt with extreme prejudice and thankfully I was able to get 3 Shadow Beasts and 2 Tytus (Tytusi?) figures. I am finally caught up with MOTUC.

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    Matty has finally figured out the the online game. I had no trouble at all today ordering an extra Catra and She-Ra.

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    Today was my least painful experience on Matty and I ordered Catra in under 10 minutes.

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    Oops wrong thread.
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    2012 looks like a banner year for MOTU figures. I'm on board for Club Eternia, though I will not understand why membership does not include ALL the figures/accessories for the year. Can't wait to have a few Granamyrs hanging in my classroom.

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    Wow! I finally started receiving e-mail notices for these forums again for some reason! Last time I got updates was just before the site update! Good to be back!
    Anyway, yeah...I'm really looking forward to the figures shown at SDCC! Can't wait to get my hands on figures of the Filmation characters finally. I've wanted Evil Seed since I was a kid! The one thing that really chaps my hide, is that now that I'm finally subscribing they go and pull this nonsense with making a separate 30th Anniversary line. Now even though I have a sub, I still have to deal with all the crap with the website and Digital River to keep up with the line. Kind of defeats the purpose...

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    It took just 6 minutes to complete my order on Matty for Man-E-Faces and Beast Man. Not bad, not bad...

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    With my subscription I didn't even have to think about it, and my Man-E-Faces and Megator have been in transit since last Friday!

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    I was on for 7 minutes for an extra Beastman and Megator for openers. I also picked up an Egon, as I want the Ready to Believe You set of Ghostbusters. And everything is STILL available. Just to think that three weeks ago, I was cursing HTS' lack of preparation for such things...

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    Looks like they are opening the subscription again and an add on fo the 30th anniversary figures.
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