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    Anyone bite on the Mad Matty Monday mystery packs? I sent in for 3 MOTUC and 1 GB pack. I got the DC pack last time and was severely disappointed to have missed the MOTUC and GB sets. Some people are reporting packs worth WELL over the $40 price tag.

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    For the price of $40 each set, I received:

    MOTUC (1 of 3)

    MOTUC (2 of 3)
    Moss Man

    MOTUC (3 of 3)
    Tracking just says "Accepted by USPS"

    Ghostbuster Classics
    12" Egon
    RTBY Ray
    Slimed Peter

    I wanted to receive the Eternian Palace Guards and/or Shadow Beasts for troop building, but I'll easily live with what was sent.

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    This has really turned into a huge line, I'm very surprised and happy that it has. Although I have bailed on the line 3 times I think....either just got burnt out, or the $$$ wasn't there, it's been a great success. If they DO end up doing a Castle Greyskull, I may have to bite on that.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    The figures are well done.

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    Something amazing happened last week during Matty's monthly sale...I managed to put my order for 1 Sorceress in just a minute! Then again, the shipment itself seems to be taking it's usual route out from Ontario, CA to Sparks, NV and then back to Los Angeles...

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    You lucked out, since she was one of the first figures to sell out in the same day as released. Fisto also sold out the same day, even faster than the Sorceress. Kobra Khan and Stinkor will probably sell out quickly as well. Mattel should realize the original figure remakes are their better sellers.

    I remember when Mattel's shipping was better. A few times, I had my packages in hand the very next day - rarely more than two days later. Now, the world's largest toy company's logic decides its more efficient and cost effective to ship California packages out to Nevada, then back to California.

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    Vykron? My reaction, to quote Robin from Young Justice, "Underwhelmed."

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    I think Vykron's pretty cool, and dare I say it...he's exactly what a con exclusive should be! He's a neat and quirky looking figure that diehards should get a kick out of, but that casual fans won't feel disappointed about missing out on. If I get him, I'll be pretty happy. If I don't, then it's no big deal since he's nowhere near an important character!

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    Anyone have an extra Bizzaro/Faker two pack?
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Any SSG Power Con attendees?


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