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    Could this possibly be the MOUSE DROID??

    Ok, I know this should excite some of you - I found this link as I was looking at whats out there in regards to laser cutting on PC cases..

    scroll down to the bottom.. all the way to the right - see the PHATMAX... ( click on it to see better pics.. )

    it looks remarkably like the mouse droid.. slightly larger of course ( Cmon its a friggin PC case ) but with a lil imagination...
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    It looks more like an upsidedown sandcrawler.
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    I can see that... spray paint it tan... hmmmm....
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    That's hilarious!
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    definitly a sandcrawler! LOL Pendo you just made my day!
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    Pendo, too funny, that was. Made you giggle, you did.
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    PENDO! That was hilarious. Thanks for the gigantic laugh.

    You outta send that to those people who are making those cases.

    I think it does sorta look like the mouse droid, but it just needs to slant down in the back to make it complete. And obviously, as Pendo showed us, it definitely looks like the sandcrawler!
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    That is a sandcrawler..Instead of the PHATMAX they could rename it Sandcrawler.Watch those things go out of stock.Every Star Wars Geek will want one
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    I think I peed myself a little...

    At least it was warm for a minute! :happy:
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